Sheffield in the snow 2018

Sheffield in the snow

Back towards the end of February we had our first proper snow fall in years. The last time I remember it snowing like this was when I was living in Norwich. I’ve been waiting for this ever since. When we moved up to Sheffield there were only a few things I was looking forward to, a good curry, Yorkshire water and snow. We’ve hardly had any snow since we lived here, ’til now.

It’s no secret that I love the snow and I’ll make any excuse to make my walk to the co-working space or into the city just that bit longer. I love the silence the snow brings, especially in the evening. It’s probably one of the only times I’ll leave the house without my headphones in. I adore listening to the crunch of the snow under my boots and taking in the still world around me.

me in the snow

The photo above was taken on Phil’s birthday, just after he’d headed off to work. My grandma and mum arrived from Huddersfield. They were visiting my new house and we had a delicious brunch together. We had the tea brewing as soon as they arrived and spent a good few hours together before they headed back. We didn’t expect so much snow but it really made everything a little more special for me.

Poppy and I had a quick turn-around of making the kitchen cosy to party-ready for Phil’s return from work that evening. By that I mean that we decorated with balloons and Poppy’s hand-made pom poms. All his birthday gifts were ready and waiting alongside a glass of whisky. It was so much fun! The 3 of us heading out for an evening walk in the snow. We’d planned to go to Wagon for pizza but they ended up being closed, quite wise! So instead we kept walking and stocked up on tasty treats to cook at home. We had an evening of yummy food and watched the IT Crowd. I won’t forget that evening. It was such a fun walk in the snow with my favourite people.

Sheffield Trees Snow

Waking up to the view of these snow covered trees for a few days was a real treat. I felt like I could have been out in a log cabin in Canada. Speaking of which, I’d love to visit Canada soon. I can see myself living out there at some point.


Here I am wrapped up warm and cosy after dropping my mum and grandma at the station.

View across Sheffield city in the snow

Remember to make use of the camera you have to hand. I don’t always have my DSLR with me so I’ll shoot with my phone or my M3. Not every shot has to be high quality. Sometimes you’re capturing a happy moment or a feeling.

prettygreentea snow

I’ll be back later this week to share more photos from the snow.