5 Things To Look Forward To This Summer

As much as I LOVE the autumn and winter months I equally embrace the arrival of spring and summer. This year I’m particularly excited for the summer. I really need some sunshine. We’ve had quite a long winter and although we’re in the middle of spring it really hasn’t felt like it. Therefore, I’m well and truly ready for the warmer days to roll ’round. A dry day and a clear sky will do.

I find that everyone has a much more relaxed attitude throughout the summer. People say yes more and this gives you the opportunity to spend much more time outside. I love popping out for a spontaneous G&T to a local pub garden or eating dinner outside – even if you have to light a citronella candle. My all time favourite summer activity is a crisp cold glass of wine and a slice of my dad’s homemade pizza. Perfect.

Today I thought it’d be fun to share a few things I’m looking forward to this summer. I’m using this list as a way to keep me motivated with work and the gym and I hope it gives you a few ideas for the summer too.

City breaks – Just last week L researched and arranged our annual trip away. Last year we went to Carvoeiro in Portugal which was a relaxing, hot and much needed seaside adventure. This year we’re opting for a city break. We’re heading to Lille in France right at the start of summer. I’m a big fan of the city break and when you take one in the summer it gives you the chance to sit outside cute little cafes and bars and simply watch the world go by.

– G&T in a can – Yes I really am giving this a whole section to itself. It might be a music festival like Glastonbury, alongside fish and chips on the beach (try The Little Fish & Chip Shop in Southwoldor a BBQ in the garden. These delightful G&T cans are just so handy and taste fab. You can pop a few in your bag or even a full box into your car and have a good, easy beverage ready to go. So many super markets do their own brands but you can also get them from the folk at Gordon’s or Adnams.


Seaside holidays – It feels wrong to not have a little seaside break over the summer months. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but a few days in sunshine with pool toys and games (I’m all about crazy pool floats at the mo), a good audiobook – here are some of my faves and a fancy cocktail is the perfect way to hit refresh. Everyone needs a little time to relax and cut off from daily life.

– BBQ time – It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny disposable BBQ from the supermarket, a fancy big old thing that looks like it belongs in America or something in-between. What matters is the company. I always find that people feel more relaxed when the BBQ rolls out. I think it’s because people are stood around chatting instead of sat down at a table. It’s more informal and encourages even us introverts to mingle. The food is a big part too, obviously. Big tasty salads, freshly cooked mushrooms, burgers and of course, don’t forget your good old G&T in a can.

– The 2p machines – A trip to the seaside in England should always come with a little flurry in the arcade. Forget the fancy new games, it’s all about the 2p machines aka 2p falls aka coin pushers. It seems everyone has a different name for them. If you’re feeling fancy then you’ll prefer the 10p falls – I’m looking at you L. They’re addictive, you might win some tat but it’s that rush you get when 50 pence worth of 2p coins fall out of the machine after you’ve worked hard to knock them down with 2 quids worth of 2p coins. It’s a truly traditional part of any seaside holiday in England and one that I love.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re looking forward to this summer. 

Thanks to OnBuy for collaborating on today’s post.