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We moved into our lovely new home back in February. Although we don’t need to rush to make major changes to the house there are a couple of things I’m keen to do. One is to add extra tiling in the bathroom to protect the walls. I’m not sure why they’ve designed it so that the wall can easily get wet – the paint is already starting to come away. Then the second thing is to change up the flooring in our kitchen and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

Woodpecker Flooring Options

Changing the kitchen floor is something we’ve wanted to do since we first looked around the property. The kitchen cupboards are grey and the flooring is pretty much the same shade. As you can imagine, it all blends into one. If we had bright sunshine every day it would be fine but it’s often grey outside too.

The kitchen is the most used room in our home. We cook there, do our work, shoot blog photos and watch YT videos with our morning coffee. Because it’s the place we spend most of our time we want to make sure it’s a practical and comfortable space.

Berkeley White Oak flooring.

So, before we’d even moved in I started my research on Pinterest, naturally. I’ve been making home interiors boards on there for years. I knew I wanted to go for tiles or wood flooring and after a little research I’m thinking that a combination of both would be fab. It turns out a lot of people do install wood flooring into their kitchen, , even though it takes a little more care and maintenance. I also wanted to make sure that wood flooring in a kitchen would be long-lasting and durable.

Wood Flooring Kitchen

Free Flooring Samples

Woodpecker sent out samples for me to try out against the walls and fittings in my kitchen. If you’re interested in ordering some samples you’ll be pleased to know that your first 3 samples are free. It’s really handy to get hold of them in real life because you can get a feel for the colour, quality and style.

Goodrich Whitened Oak

Depending on how much lighting you get into the room and the colour of your interiors the wood can look slightly different. I’m really into herringbone and would happily have that style of flooring throughout the downstairs of my house. To balance out the grey in our kitchen I think the Goodrich Whitened Oak or the Feather Oak would be a good choice.

Woodpecker Flooring

The folk at Woodpecker suggested opting for an engineered wood flooring as opposed to solid wood. Wood expands and contracts in accordance to heat levels. In a kitchen there are usually lots of humidity changes, so it’s suggested that you keep the windows open when you’re cooking to help keep the room ventilated.

Harlech Stormy Oak flooring

When it comes to appliances it’s important to ensure they’re fitted correctly. As you can imagine, it would be awful to have your flooring ruined by a leak. They’re a pain at the best of times. Alternatively you could make a feature around the washing machine, oven and sink by adding some tiling around them. I think this could look really unique and become a feature. This would also be a good way of dealing with any spills and stains.

Prettygreentea Woodpecker Flooring

I’ll be keeping you updated with all the changes we make to our home. Follow me over on Instagram for behind the scenes Stories. We’re in a fairly new build so we aren’t in a rush to change everything. We do want to put our own stamp on it though so we’ll be working hard over the next few months to do that.

Make sure you pop over to Woodpecker’s website for lots of inspiration for your kitchen flooring. You can also find lots of interior inspiration over on their Instagram page.

Thanks to Woodpecker Flooring for collaborating with me on this post.