Pink Parcel Review – It’s a monthly thing

Let me tell you about Pink Parcel.

It’s a period subscription box which arrives to your door every month. The idea behind the box is to keep you stocked up on femcare essentials for now, the night and for later plus some fab treats.

You can simply join for one month – perfect if you’ve ordered one for a friend or family member. A monthly subscription costs £12.99 including P&P – I think this is good value for money especially as you get around £40 of femcare and beauty products. They also give you the option of paying for a block of 3, 6 or 12 months. More info on the membership options.

The branding is subtle but smart with a pink and grey theme. Inside everything is neatly sectioned off into separate boxes. Two of the boxes are filled with monthly femcare from well known brands with a choice of tampons, pads or a mix of both. The other box contains a few positive and uplifting treats like snacks, beauty products and more.

Let’s take a closer look at what was inside the one I received. Just so you know, I was sent this box free of charge for review consideration.

Inside the box I received a mixture of tampons and different sized pads suitable for the night time through to the very end of your period. It’s always handy to have a stash in your cupboard. I like that the boxes can be removed and kept to store your products inside the cupboard. There was also a little cotton bag which has been handy for keeping a few emergency products in my handbag.

One of the boxes was filled with positive and uplifting products. I’ve found them to all be useful and I’m pleased to have been introduced to some fab new independent brands.

Bandzee – These are kink-free bobbles which have already been very useful. I keep one by my bed, in my handbag and the rest are in my gym kit. I love pulling my hair out of my face without the worry that I’m going to need to straighten my hair again. I’m using one right now while I type this post. I also like that these ones don’t give me a headache. Some bobbles are just so tight!

Laritzy Eye Pencil. This is an indie brand which was founded by Emily back in August 2016. Laritzy products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and long lasting. I’ve been using my Night Blue pencil regularly and love how easy it is to apply. I can’t wait to try more from the brand.

Made by Coopers Happy Mist – I LOVE this stuff. It smells wonderful and I’ve been spraying it throughout the rooms of our new home. This is another indie brand I’m delighted to discover through Pink Parcel. It was founded by Claire and Darren Cooper back in 2016. The idea was born after travelling around India and learning about the power of plants and natural healing on a an Ayurvedic retreat. I’m really enjoying using this mist so I’ll be checking out their other products too.

We Are Tea Peppermint Tea – I’m a big fan of  We Are Tea and even had the chance to interview the founder in my Behind the Biz series. Their teas are lovely and this peppermint one is perfect to have after dinner or before bed. I actually have a full pack of this in my cupboard.

Browcote Brow Gel – I’ve really got into using this stuff. I normally just fill my eyebrows in a little and then leave them for the day. However, since using this clear gel to to set my handwork I’ve been really impressed. It’s nice to see my brows looking fab throughout the day and this gel doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything extra on them. It’s very natural, not sticky but helps to keep my brows looking neat.

Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime Chocolate – I love Montezuma’s chocolate. It was founded in 2000 by Helen Pattinson and her husband Simon. They’re a family business who create award winning, innovative and delicious chocolate. I let Phil have this bar because I can’t eat much dairy. He has confirmed that it has a really good kick of chilli to it and he’s hard to please when it comes to chilli chocolate. They do have an excellent selection of dairy free chocolate though.

Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder – I haven’t tried this just yet but I’m looking forward to giving it a go. I’ve been keen to try a protein powder but as a lot of them contain whey I haven’t been able too. This is a plant-based protein where you just add the powder, one banana, ice and dairy free milk before blending it together. I’ll be sure to report back on my dairy free blog and let you know what this is like.

I think Pink Parcel is a fab idea. It’s a fun treat which also happens to be practical and helps you to keep stocked up on monthly essentials for your period.

Before receiving one for review I’d originally thought the box would only be good for teens – which it really is. I actually think it would make a lovely gift for anyone who particularly has a hard time of it each month. Saying that, I now think a Pink Parcel box is a bit of fun for all ages and as I mentioned before, everything in the box is practical which is always important. It’s never good to get a subscription box filled with stuff you never use.

What I personally love about the box is that it’s a fab way to discover independent brands. I really like being introduced to new products and family business. I found that each of the treats were focused on brightening your day or helping you to relax in the evening.

Find out more about Pink Parcel, subscribe to their monthly subscription (£12.99 inc P&P) or follow them over on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook