PGT Podcast – The benefits of blogging

This is the 6th episode of the PGT Biz & Motivation podcast.

In this episode Phil and I talk about the different skills we’ve learnt over our many years of blogging and documenting. We talk about how we got started, the ways in which it has benefited our lives, the different routes we each took as well as touching on the direction of the industry today.

I really enjoyed recording this podcast. I think it’s important to look back on how far you’ve come within your blogging journey and where you want to head to next. For me, I’m keen to create more podcasts (we’ve just recorded out first interview with a local gin maker), more videos (subscribe for a new one this week) and to really go in on sharing my best photography over Instagram and other social channels. All of these things go hand in hand. However, I do believe my blog will always be the hub of all those things. It’s the place I’ve been sharing my thoughts, the things I love and the snippets of my life. I’m more about quick and easy to read posts at the moment but I do love to go all in on a product review or travel destination.

Keep things fresh and keep learning.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast and as always, thank you for your support.