May Moments 2018

Let’s look back at the month of May.

Pretty flowers

I’ve been spotting so many beautiful flowers throughout the month. I’m inspired by the world around me. If the flowers are pink then I’m drawn more towards pink clothes. If the sky is clear and blue then I feel fresh and ready to embrace the world.

me prettygreentea

We kicked off the month with cocktails at Birdhouse – I wrote about them here. It’s always nice when Phil and I get the chance to hang out. We’re both always quite busy so we really value our time together.

Sheffield blue sky

We’ve finally started to get some good weather. We’ve also had lots of grey days but they just make the blue sky stand out even more.


Gemma from The Fika Life came to visit. We had a lovely brunch at Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen and chatted about all things business. I love our monthly meet-ups, I always end the day feeling inspired and motivated to keep working hard. We’re still going strong with our business mastermind too.

visiting locksley gin

We recorded out first interview for PGT Biz & Motivation. We spent an hour chatting with John and Cynthia to discover the story behind Sir Robin of Locksley Gin! I always love catching up with them and their business journey is really interesting.

You can listen to the interview on iTunes or Soundcloud.

New Dyson

This post isn’t about the super pretty photos. It’s about the ones I take on my phone each day throughout the month. In May Phil and I decided to make a rather exciting purchase, a new cordless Dyson. We were going to go for the basic model but as there was a pretty good discount on we opted for the one with more tools.

We haven’t got rid of our old one, we thought we’d be using it in addition to this shiny new one. Now that we’ve been using it for over a month we can confirm that it’s awesome and we haven’t touched our old one. I’ll be putting together a full review on this but as a quick overview it’s lightweight, flexible and very powerful. I don’t think I’ve ever been so keen to clean the floors each day. There’s no excuses with one of these.

kate spade crab bag

Here I am showing off my new Kate Spade handbag. I picked it up with the idea of using it on seaside holidays in Southwold but I used it almost everyday throughout May. It’s a small bag but fits my phone, card holder, keys, Anchor (portable charger) and lipstick in. You could probably fit a Canon G7X in there but nothing larger.

I mentioned this on Instagram but let me say it again. I was awfully upset to hear about Avicii, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain passing away. Not to mention countless people who’re not in the public eye. Always check-in on the people around you and just be nice. You never know what people are going through behind closed doors.

Prety coffee and cookie

I fell in love with the vegan Pret cookie in May. It’s a dangerous kind of love. Have you tried it yet? I wrote a little review on my dairy free blog about how tasty this cookie is. I’m not normally one for cookies but this one ticked the box of being free from dairy and it was super gooey inside.

Brew House Pinkster Gin

I visited the Brew House twice on my few days in Cambridge. Once with Poppy and Phil and then again with L. It’s one of my go to places for a drink or snack in Sheffield. They have a fantastic range of craft beers and the best sweet potato falafels. It’s also got a very chilled atmosphere with a studenty vibe.

Cath Kidston Dresses

At the start of the month I totally fell in love with Cath Kidston’s new fruity summer range. I can’t help it, I love anything with fruit on. So, I ended up treating myself to most of the items in the photo above. So far I’ve got lots of use out of the lemon t-shirt (I’m thinking of picking up a back-up) and I’m loving the length of the midi skirt. It’s the first time I’ve had one and initially I thought it wouldn’t work with my height but it’s fab. I’m planning to wear the watermelon dress this weekend.

Life on a Plate - Kelis

While in Cambridge we made a batch of Spinach & Chickpea Fritters and Japanese Sweet Potato Samosas. I got the recipes from My Life on a Plate, a cookbook by Kelis, yes Milkshake Kelis. You can find the recipes for the delicious fritters and samosas in my other post.

escape room cambridge

I spent a day with Phil and his family in Cambridge. We had lunch and spent a few hours catching up before going along to Lockhouse Escape Rooms. I’ll be putting together a full post about this but it was SO GOOD! Honestly, so much fun and we escaped too.

horse cambridge

One of the lovely horses in the field behind my parents house. I love looking out onto this view and the horses make brilliant photography subjects.

Yoki Sheffield

If you like Korean food then you need to give Yoki a try. They’re currently at Union St – 18-20 Union st. Sheffield. S1 2JR 11.30am – 2.30pm every Tuesday. Their food is delicious and the girls who run the biz are lovely.

Misty Sheffield

A misty evening in Sheffield. What I love most about our new home is the location. We’re very close to the train station and just a short walk into the city centre. I also love the view from our walk down to the station, even when the weather isn’t so good.

sheffield sunny day

Just for balance, here’s a sunny and bright day from the same view. I’d quite like more of this in June.

Riverford food box

I was sent my first Riverford recipe box to try out and review. I loved it so much that I ordered a couple more recipes the following week. It’s a fantastic concept which I can’t wait to tell you all about next week. You can mix between vegan, veggie, meaty and prime cut meals as well as knowing that all the ingredients are super fresh, organic and excellent quality. I like that it still gives you the opportunity to cook in the evening but cuts out meal planning and shopping. I’m all for time saving as we both work most evenings.

Panda Raspberry

I’m loving liquorice at the moment and this raspberry one by Panda has been a real favourite. I need to grab a couple more bars today.

Laundry Sheffield

I popped by Laundry for a blow dry and it was so worth it. I find it’s a fab way to feel refreshed and also get a fringe trim. I’m hoping to go again before I go away to Lille at the end of this month.

Summer Shoes

I’m so happy to be wearing light coloured clothes again. They feel light, fresh and perfect for welcoming more summer days.

New Read - Candice Kumai

The final photo I want to show you is of the book I started reading in Cambridge. I treated Poppy to the Kintsugi Wellness by Candice Kumai and managed to start reading it during my visit. Candice talks through Japanese traditions and practices for cultivating inner strength. There’s also some lovely recipes in the book. Once I’ve finished reading the book I’ll share a full review. So far I love it and feel so calm when I’m reading it.

I hope you all had a fantastic May.