Mongozo Banana Beer

Mongozo Banana Beer

I pick beers based on their branding. So far, this method hasn’t let me down.

Last month I discovered this Mongozo Banana Beer in Beer Central in Sheffield. If you’re looking to try out something new then Beer Central is the place to go. It’s in the Moor Market and the owners really know their stuff.

I hadn’t heard of Mongozo before. To be honest, I don’t know much about beer so most of the brands I come across are new to me.

Mongozo is a Dutch company but their beers are brewed in Belgium. The word Mongozo means ‘cheers’ in the language of the Chokwe people of Africa which is a little nod to one of the co-founders heritage.

All of their beers are made using Fairtrade ingredients – always a good sign.

Banana Beer - fab branding

Yes, that is ice you see in there. The drink went down quicker than the ice melted so there’s nothing to worry about. I couldn’t wait to try it but wanted to make sure it was cool.

This is a sweet beer.

The banana flavour leads over the beer.

I’d say it’s more of a candy banana flavour than a natural one, almost like bubblegum. I loved it but Phil wasn’t keen and L, I don’t think you’d like it. I generally prefer fruity beers so this was right up my street. I don’t drink a lot of beer but this was so good to knock back on a hot and sunny afternoon.

If you’re looking for a true beer then this won’t be for you. If you love trying something new, fun and fruity then give this a try. I’ve heard the mango one is very nice.

As well as a banana beer they also offer mango and coconut which I can’t wait to try in the future. If you’re based in Sheffield you can find the full selection of flavours at Beer Central. If not, they’re usually in local craft beers shops or over on Amazon; banana beer, coconut beer and mango beer.