The Eczema Diaries

A few days ago I shared this photo over on Instagram. There are so many photos I’ve taken since spring and never shared because I was so self-concious about the eczema scars on my legs.

I love the skirt I’m wearing in the photo (find it here)┬áso I decided to share it.

I’m so glad I did.

Nothing bad happened and if anything, it’s encouraged me to embrace my love of fashion and continue to share more of my outfits.

I’ve had eczema throughout my life and it’s so annoying. A variety of things flare it up; washing powder, soap, wheat, dairy and many other products and foods. I’ve had very little help finding my eczema triggers and have spent many years figuring them out. I’d love for someone to tell me to avoid X, Y and Z and the eczema would just go away. Sadly, eczema doesn’t work like that.

A couple of months ago I had a flare up to washing powder that left my legs with lots of little scars on. This was particularly upsetting because I spent a year or so getting rid of eczema scars when I was 18 with Bio Oil. I felt confident and happy to show my legs. I’m now 31 and was gutted to be back at square one. I’m on a mission to get rid of them but whilst I’m in the process of that I won’t be hiding away.

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