August Moments 2018

I’m finally here to share my August Moments with you.

I know, it’s a little late (OMG how are we nearing the end of September?) but at least I’ll be up to date and ready to tell you how this month has gone next week.

Most of the photos in my Moments series are from my iPhone. I like to give them the chance to shine, other than over on Instagram. The photos are in no particular order, I simply dive into each one and tell you the story behind it.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened throughout August.

Brighton Beach

My first trip to Brighton was with L back in November 2017 and I loved it. The weather was very different on my second visit in August. It was nice to finally experience the city in the sunshine. It had a totally different feel about it and I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere I’d like to live in the near future.

I just love all the independent shops, the seaside and that it’s just a quick train journey into London. It was also nice to be able to take a direct train from Cambridge to get there, it made the whole trip very easy.

daisy and pop

One of the main reasons my trip to Brighton was so good is that I had the chance to spend the day with my sister. We’ve both been so busy with work and life that we haven’t had the opportunity to go away together for so long. Too long. It was the perfect way to catch up.

Pop knows loads of fab places to eat and drink in Brighton so we were really spoilt for choice. With some extra tips from Jayde we ended up having pizza at Purezza and it was SO GOOD!

We sat on the beach chatting for ages before walking down the front with a delicious ice cream from Boho Gelato. We did a lot of walking that day, over 20k steps which I think is pretty good.

Cambridge American Cemetery august

I spent a day with my dad in Cambridge. We visited the Cambridge American Cemetery (Location: Coton CB23 7PH) which commemorates American servicemen and women who died in World War II.

It was peaceful and humbling.

prettygreentea me and mum

I also had the chance to spend a day with my mum during my visit to Cambridge. The weather was so good and it was lovely to explore the city together.

the ivy cambs

We finally had the chance to go to The Ivy. It opened up in Cambridge a few months ago and I’ve been longing to go. The decor is amazing, I’d go for that alone.

Breakfast at the ivy

We went for breakfast which was a fantastic idea and I was pleased to find some dairy-free options on the menu. The atmosphere was lovely and relaxed and I can’t wait to go again.

If you have a chance to go then check out their cocktails, they look fab!

Pride Manc

A quick trip back up to Sheffield and then I was straight onto Manchester to meet up with Gemma. Everywhere was covered in rainbows for Pride and there was a very fun and positive atmosphere across the city centre.

Zizzi lunch with gemma

We spent the day catching up about business plans, checking out Manchester Pride and making plans for the future. We also shared a delicious lunch at Zizzi.

Cambrige Massage

One of my many highlights of August was going for my first massage. Well, it wasn’t exactly my first one but the last one I had was over 10 years ago. I’ve always been a bit too self-conscious about going for a massage but my sister forced me to book this and honestly, it was the best decision.

It was a relaxing experience and the perfect way to cut off from work and day-to-day life. I’m already looking forward to booking another one this week.

Yoki Opening

I was so excited to be invited to the opening of Yoki back in August. They selected their best customers to come along to the launch of their new cafe in Crookes.

I first learnt about Yoki through their pop-up at Union St on a Tuesday. You can still find them there serving up the most delicious Korean soul food.

Yoki Sheffield

As you can see from the photos, the food was delicious. We tried lots of dishes from their menu and it was all so so good. The owners are passionate about the food and presentation. Everything was perfect. I’ll be writing up a full post about it soon.

The group of people at the event were lovely and I’ve already met up with them again for more foodie fun.

prettygreentea cambridge

Another snap from Cambridge. I decided that I wanted to share more outfit photos over on Instagram and I think I’ve done pretty well in keeping up with this over the last month.

Making bread - Marmite

I started to make bread on a regular basis a few months ago and this continued throughout August. I really enjoy making bread and find it to be such a relaxing process. It’s also the perfect excuse to have Marmite for breakfast.

Fresh hair cut

I say this all the time, but I really need to get my hair done on a regular basis. It makes me feel so much better in myself if I’m having a down day and because it’s quite long it needs to be tamed.

I went to Laundry in Sheffield, it’s my usual spot and the whole experience is always so relaxing. They also serve up excellent coffee.

Cute badger handbag

I spotted these cute badger handbags and accessories in Cath Kidston and can’t stop thinking about them.

Books I read

Finally here are some of the books I read over the summer months. You can find out more about my 9 motivational reads here and I’ll be doing a follow up to let you know what I thought about each one.

I hope you all had a fantastic August.

Tell me one of your highlights from the month.