Transitional Boots For The Run-Up To Autumn

It’s hard to know how to dress for the transition between summer and autumn, especially here in the UK.

Take today, for example, the morning started off bright and sunny. It’s now 2pm and the rain is falling hard and is showing no signs of stopping. I’m certain my Converse are going to get soaked when I walk home, at least I have my umbrella. Then there are the days which start off cold and grim. You layer up ready for a crisp autumn day but within no time at all the clouds part and out comes the bright, warm sunshine.

I like to tackle this seasonal gap by keeping an umbrella and beret in my handbag, a spring coat which can be rolled up easily into a tote and wearing ankle boots. As you can imagine, there are many days where I opt for Converse over boots and I’m often caught in the rain. However, by having a couple of autumnal pairs of boots by my front door I can hopefully make a better decision more often than not.

When Fashion World asked if I’d like to collaborate with them I thought this would be the perfect chance to talk about the different types of boots I like to wear during the transition into autumn. It’s a time when I’ve firmly put away all sandals but out of habit and comfort, I still want to reach for my Converse. Luckily, over the years, I’ve learnt what type of boots and chunky heels are comfortable for me. They may not be fully water resistant but they do a much better job than my beloved canvas pumps.

Lace-Up Hiker Boots | Western Buckle Ankle Boots | Chunky Kate Boot

Fashion Hiker Boots

I’ve really got into fashion hiking boots over the last couple of years. I rarely wear my classic hiking boots but show be a less chunky and more fashionable version and I’m all over them.

I think they’re very sturdy to wear when the weather is damp, they don’t let the rain in easily and they look fab. I particularly like wearing these with dresses and cosy tights. They’re the type of boot that you can wear throughout autumn and towards the latter end of winter.

Western Style Boots

Western-inspired boots are another classic you’ll find by my front door. I tend to wear boots like this throughout the year but they really get their chance to shine in the run-up to autumn.

I like western-inspired boots because of the heels. They’re short, but not too short, chunky but not blocky and they make walking very comfortable.

Chunky Ankle Boot

I’m not into high heels as much these days. I much prefer a chunky heel that I know will be easy to walk on. I don’t want to increase my chances of slipping over in the rain.

A chunky ankle boot can be worn with jeans, dresses and skirts. They’re often very versatile and can be easily dressed up or down depending on your plans for the day.