The importance of a comfortable mattress

Ever since I had my first night’s sleep on my lovely new Leesa mattress I’ve been excited to tell you about it.

If you ask anyone who knows me, or who follows me over on Twitter they’ll tell you that I don’t have the best track record when it comes to sleep. This is for several reasons; I always find my mind busy with new and exciting ideas at night, I go in and out of phases of having a good night time routine and perhaps the biggest problem, I’ve been sleeping on a substandard mattress for the last few years.

Time for a new mattress

Before we moved house I was fully aware that we needed a new mattress. I had a feeling my uncomfortable mattress was the main culprit of my poor sleep routine. However, I had no idea where to start when it came to buying a new one. We also had our eye on a new bed and it didn’t make sense to make any new investments ’til we moved into our new home.

During our move, an email from the sleep-loving folk over at Leesa popped into my inbox. They asked if I’d like to try out one of their mattresses in return for a fair and honest review. How could I say no? Plus, I love supporting a brand that has their products manufactured here in the UK.

Leesa Mattress

Our new bed and mattress

Ordering our mattress

We put in an order for a new bed and promptly followed up with ordering our mattress. Ordering online through the Leesa website was very easy. I went through the full process and was particularly pleased that they give full measurements of each mattress so you can be sure you’re ordering the right size.

Delivery is free with UPS and it takes 5-7 working days for it to arrive. Mine came within a couple of days but I missed the delivery. Then it snowed, a lot! So, the whole process of my new bed and mattress arriving was slowed down. My mattress was re-delivered a week later when the snow had cleared.

Leesa Mattress PGT

It’s such a simple online buying experience and you have up to 100 nights to fall in love with your Leesa. If you’re not happy you have the option of a hassle-free return.

If you’re keen to try before you buy then I believe you can pop along to West Elm in London or Kingston-Upon Thames.

Our exciting new Leesa mattress arrived compressed in a neat box. This made it very easy to carry up to our bedroom.

When we opened up the mattress it was wrapped up real tight and looked like a giant burrito. We unwrapped it and placed it on top of our bed and left it to expand to its natural shape. We left the mattress for a full 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Leesa Mattress New Bed

Social impact

The brand has a strong social mission.

Firstly, one tree is planted for every purchase with over 135,000 being planted so far.

They also have their One-Ten programme where they donate one mattress for every 10 that they sell. They’ve already donated over 30,000 mattresses to organisations that help homeless and at-risk people. Finally, any mattresses which are returned within 100 days are donated to a local charity.

You can find out more about this over on their site.

Overall thoughts

We’ve been sleeping on the mattress for well over 3 months and are both very happy with it. I now look forward to getting into bed and listening to an audiobook or watching some YouTube before going to sleep.

The mattress consists of 3 layers of foam which are designed to adapt to different body and sleeping types. I can confirm that with a recent lifestyle change (more news on that soon) that I’ve slept comfortably on my back, front and side.

Sleep is very important for our health and mental wellbeing. My bedroom is a relaxing space and having a mattress which is comfortable has made such a positive change in my life.

Discount for you

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