5 New Things I Tried This Summer

fruit cath kidston skirt

Skirt from Cath Kidston | Top and Cardi from H&M | Necklace by Onetenzeroseven a fun Leeds based independent brand | White Vans | Bag from Longchamp

This year I wanted to try as many new things as possible. It’s actually something that I like to do each year but decided 2018 was the time to focus on it.

The start of the year was busy with moving into our new house (there’s still lots to do) so it wasn’t ’til the summer months that I really managed to get started trying new things.

Here are 5 of the new things I’ve tried this summer. I hope to add to this list throughout autumn and winter.


I went for my first massage last month. Well, it wasn’t really my first ever massage but my last one was so long ago that this might as well be my first. I haven’t been to one for years because I’m quite self-conscious about my body. It wasn’t ’til my sister practically forced me to book one after our day trip to Brighton that I finally took her advice.

It turns out that there was nothing to be afraid of. It was fantastic, relaxing and the perfect way to cut off from work. I can’t wait to go for another one.

Video creation

I started making videos for Instagram with Connor. I wrote about it here and you can see some of the videos we’ve created over on our agency account. It’s something I’d been keen to do for a while and I’m so happy with the results.

We’re now looking to take on work for the final stretch of the year. If you’re a brand looking to turn your product or service into fun videos then drop me an email or say hello over on LinkedIn.

Business mastermind

Just before the start of summer Gemma from The Fika Life and I decided to host our first business mastermind. We aimed it towards introverted entrepreneurs and decided to keep the groups small. The first meet-up went down really well and we’ve continued to host them on a monthly basis.

This was a big step for us. For years we’ve talked about starting various businesses together but never for the right thing. The mastermind was free to set up and easy to get started so we had no excuse.

We’ve got another one running tomorrow morning in Manchester, I can’t wait.

Bread making 

I started to make bread on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer months. Although I’ve made bread on and off over the years I’ve never fully committed to it. Now I’m making at least one loaf a week. I’m switching up the recipe ‘til it’s perfect and then I’ll be moving on to another type of bread.

I really enjoy making bread. It’s such a relaxing process and is another way I like to cut off from work.

Seasonal bucket list 

Writing out a bucket list for each season is my new favourite thing. I’ve only done one list so far but I’m already loving it. You can see my summer bucket list here. I’ve found it’s a fab way to focus on those things you really want to do in the season and it gives you an extra kick to put them into action.

It’s so easy to talk about the things you’d like to do throughout the season but never get around to doing them. Having a list of 10 things you really want to do gives you that extra push to arrange and make plans.

Have you tried anything new this year?