4 Places To Visit In November

I need a little help.

I’m on the hunt for a trip away in November. Phil and I haven’t been away together for about two years and we’re keen to make up for it over the next few months before the baby comes.

We have a few days in Lille coming up over the new year but would like to get away next month too. November is fast approaching and it’s down to me to get a holiday arranged and booked.

I’m ready for the challenge.

We’d much prefer to go abroad than stay here in the UK. However, we aren’t too fussy about the weather. We’d quite happily venture off to somewhere cold with lots of snow, on a chilly city break or a hot and sunny seaside trip. I’m not narrowing this down very much, am I? We’re simply keen to have some time away together to relax.

It was only a couple of days ago that we decided we must get a holiday booked. I’m up against the clock with this and would love any tips and destination suggestions you may have.

Last night I managed to get onto the wifi and do a little research on good old Lastminute. I always head there when I need to book a trip quickly and with little fuss. I’ve found a few city breaks like the Christmas Markets in Budapest or a weekend in Amsterdam. There’s also the option of escaping to somewhere warmer like Dubai or even venturing over to NYC.

We’re looking for cheap flights but are open to flying from Manchester or London and then spending a little more on a comfortable yet luxury hotel. As it’s just after the half term and before the festive season we find this is a good time of the year to travel. It’s the best time for affordable luxury.

Here are 4 places I’m considering for our November holiday: 


Although we’ve been once before we’d both be up for heading back to Budapest. It’s a lovely city with lots to see and do and as Phil was pretty much unwell for our last trip he’s particularly keen to go back and explore.

We’re also massive fans of the Continental Zara Hotel. The location is fab, the staff are friendly and the bedrooms are really comfortable. The markets start early in November so if we were to go away in the second or third week that would be perfect.


We’ve both been keen to visit Morocco for a couple of years now. We’ve come close to booking it a couple of times. As always, we have put our work first and not got around to making the trip. Could this be the month we do it?

I’d like to go to Marrakech and enjoy the warmer weather. I’d like to stay long enough to have enough time to explore the souks, take a couple of day trips and relax somewhere special like Riad 72, a luxury boutique hotel that Phil picked out ages ago.


Italy is somewhere that I adore. I’ve been lucky to visit quite a few different places but Phil is yet to make his first trip there. I really want to take him to Rome and stay in the wonderful Hotel Santa Maria. It’s relaxing and situated in Trastevere, a nearby medieval neighbourhood of Rome.


It’s delightfully cheap and cheerful to get to Germany at this time of the year. We could then splash out on a fancy hotel and tick off Nuremberg Christmas market from my Christmas Travel Bucket list.

I’ve been to quite a few Christmas markets in Germany and Austria over the years. Both are places I enjoy visiting but I’m not sure if we’ve overdone it a bit. Still, I’d love to get to the Nuremberg market and this could be the perfect excuse.

We’re both open to any ideas so please let me know in the comments or over on Twitter where you think is fab to go for a holiday in November.