4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Jewellery Organised

Since we moved I’ve been researching and implementing new organisational techniques into our home. In the kitchen cupboards, I’ve used shallow baskets to easily store spices and baking equipment. I’ve also used large baskets to store cleaning products to ensure they’re easy to carry around the house.

There’s still a lot I plan to do but next, I want to tackle my jewellery.

We’ve worked hard on making our bedroom a calm and relaxing space. As soon as we moved in we pulled up the carpet and put down fresh flooring. We’ve painted the room and selected a bed with a super comfortable mattress, curtains and wardrobes. The only thing missing is a vanity and some organisation.

I don’t have a big jewellery collection but the necklaces and earrings I do have often end up tangled or lost. I’ve spent way too much time detangling necklaces before heading out the door and it’s time to change that.

Here are 4 simple ways to organise and store your favourite items of jewellery. 

Ice cube tray 

This has been one of my favourite and most simple discoveries over on Pinterest.

Find an ice cube tray and nestle it into a draw in your bedroom. You then simply place your rings and earrings into each cube. It keeps everything neat and organised as well as allowing you to easily spot what you want to wear.


If you like to have your jewellery on display then a pegboard or corkboard is the best way to go. I used to do this at university and it made selecting my necklace for the evening really easy. It also worked well as a feature wall in my room.

I really like the pegboards from Ikea. They look smarter than a classic corkboard and you can buy lots of different add-ons to customise it.

Teacups and saucers

I think this is one of my favourite ideas, along with the ice cube tray. It’s something which can be implemented pretty quickly and is easy to change up when you get bored. It’s also a good excuse to go to a local charity shop and pick out some cute teacups and saucers.

A saucer is a perfect way to store and display your ring collection. You can use the cups to drape necklaces over. Alternatively, you could stack 2 teacups with their saucers on top of one another and place your jewellery on both layers. This would look lovely on a dressing table.

Cutlery tray

Take a cutlery tray and place it into a draw in your bedroom. Yes, it’s really that simple.

I have a wooden one from Ikea which sits within my wardrobe. I find it so useful for storing sunglasses, bracelets and long necklaces. It’s easy to find what I’m looking for in the morning and helps to keep everything neat.

How do you store your jewellery?

Thank you to F.Hinds for collaborating with me on this post. They’re a brand I’ve known well over the years and it was a pleasure to work with them.