K’s Wors Authentic South African Boerewors Sausages.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview Delight Mapsure for Behind the Biz. She is the founder of K’s Wors South African Boerewors sausages.

Delight was inspired to start her business after making her family recipe sausages for a local charity event in Manchester. Her hotdogs went down so well that people kept asking where they could buy them. If you fancy finding out more about her business journey you will enjoy my interview with her.

After working on the Behind the Biz interview together Delight kindly packaged up and sent through two packs of boerewors for Phil and I to try out.

We pan fried each pack on separate evenings and took a little inspiration on how to enjoy them from the K’s Wors Facebook page.

K's Wors in the frying pan

We decided to make the Chilli & Garlic one into hot dogs. This is a traditional spicy flavour with black pepper, nutmeg and a hint of garlic. If you’re a fan of chilli then you’ll love this one. The sausage had an excellent firey flavour to it, not just a hint, a true spice, along with a balance of rich spicy flavours from the nutmeg and garlic.

Making hot dogs turned out to be an excellent idea. They’re not something I have very often but because of the fantastic quality of K’s Wors these went down a treat.

We also made a South African relish tomato relish to go with them. There are lots of recipes out there but this is the relish recipe we made.

K’S WORS 2018

The second pack was Chakalaka. This one has more of a mild spice flavour in terms of heat and there are bits of red and green peppers throughout. The flavour was rich and warm but it didn’t have the heat that the Chilli & Garlic flavour did.

With the Chakalaka we pan fried it, chopped it up and put it onto a pizza – another idea we found over on the K’s Wors Facebook page. It was a really fun way to jazz up a plain pizza. I’ve heard it’s also used in stews.

K's Wors on Pizza

Although I enjoyed both packs of sausages I think the Chilli & Garlic ones were my favourite. They really did have a fantastic spicy kick to them. It was more than a kick, a punch. A really strong firey punch of chilli. So good, so much flavour and we’ll certainly be picking up another pack soon.