Vanilla Coffee Pods Review

A while back Real Coffee sent me some of their Vanilla Coffee pods to try out with my Nespesso machine. I always enjoy the coffee from Real Coffee and even wrote about some of my favourites back in the autumn of last year.

Vanilla Coffee nespresso.jpg

I was excited to give the Vanilla pods a try. I’m always up for trying Nespresso compatible pods, especially when they come in fun flavours. As much as I love a traditional coffee in the morning I’m always looking for something a little different when the afternoon rolls around.

Vanilla Coffee Pods 2018

I prefer to avoid syrups where possible as they can be too sweet. I also don’t want pods with added milk powder or sugar. So, these ones seem like an excellent compromise.

FYI you should always check with the brand that the pods are still free from dairy, just incase the recipe has changed. 

The pods contain Espresso Vanilla which is made from 100% Arabic beans from South American plantations. The vanilla is natural so you there’s no added milk, sugar or sweetener inside the pods.

Vanilla Coffee Pods PGT I really enjoy drinking the vanilla coffee as an espresso, making it into a longer drink with my favourite dairy free milk or by adding ice when the weather is a little warmer.

Summer is long gone so I haven’t been having as many iced coffees as before. Also, I’m sure many of you know, I’m currently pregnant so when I have my one caffeine filled coffee of the day these pods have been a lovely afternoon treat.