The Night Before I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I have lots of pregnancy related posts coming up. Some of you will be pleased, others less so. Don’t worry though. They’ll be spaced out with lifestyle, food, business and interviews. I like to share as much as possible here on PGT. I’m never short of ideas and always love to mix up my content.

Today it’s a super quick post about about the night before I found out I was pregnant. It was something I wish I’d mentioned in my finding out I was pregnant post.

I thought I’d jot down my thoughts in a post today just so I don’t forget in the future and perhaps a few of you will relate.

So, the night before I took my bougie pregnancy test (I’d already taken a basic one earlier in the day) I went to bed feeling fine.

Or so I thought.

Within no time at all it was as though I was cycling through all the pregnancy symptoms you read about. It could have been psychosomatic. All I know is that is was very odd and was a big nod to the fact I was very much pregnant.

So, what exactly were those ‘symptoms’ or signs?

Feeling nauseous, to the point I couldn’t sleep

Very sore boobs, more so than the previous week

A dry cough, as though I had a cold coming on 

Lower backache

A headache

Classic style period pain

Dry mouth, no matter how much water I knocked back

Yes, in one evening I experienced each of these things and it was like they were waiting in line to take turns and strike me, as if in a match of Tekken 3.

It’s safe to say that by the time morning rolled around I was very much K.O’ed.

I 100% admit that it’s possible that this cycle of symptoms in one evening could have totally been psychosomatic. It doesn’t really matter though. It was a strange, tiring but exciting evening and I couldn’t wait to take my test the following morning.

The one where I found out I was pregnant.