November Moments 2018

It’s time to look back at November. A month of work, relaxation and good food.

November Fall

I feel like we’ve missed out on a real autumn this year. I’m not complaining about all the bonus sunshine but I have missed the crisp cold mornings throughout October and November.

We’re now fully in the swing of December with the odd cold day and some pretty crazy rain. Nothing major though. I’m still waiting for the snow.

Cute christmas decoration

There have been some really fun Christmas decorations around this year. They edge more toward the foodie side of things than classic and traditional designs. I’m loving them. Just look at this Soy Sauce bottle I found in Paperchase. Soy cute!

Baking bread

I got back into making my own bread during November. This is a beast of an olive loaf I made to use up some flour and olives we had leftover. It made our week of eating soup much more fun.

I’ve been keen to take a bakery course for a couple of years now and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to do it next summer.

PGT Daisy

I enjoyed having a couple of weekends to spend with Phil in November. We drank good coffee at 200 Degrees in Sheffield, went Christmas shopping and worked on our house. It was nice to have some quality time together.

We’d hoped to go on holiday but decided to save the idea for next year. We have a trip away to Lille over NYE which is going to be fab.

panettone from aldi

Aldi finally had my favourite Italian Christmas cake in stock. We decided to grab one earlier than usual to enjoy with the family. It went down a treat and we’ll be grabbing another one this week.

winter gardens sheffield

This is the Winter Gardens in Sheffield. On a sunny day the lighting and shadows are beautiful.

Coffee work in Starbucks

I spent a lot of time working from coffee shops throughout November. It was nice to be around the daily life of other people.

Despite being a big fan of supporting independent brands I like to work from chain coffee shops. They have more room for people to spread out with their laptops. In smaller indie shops they usually need to get as many people in and out of the shop throughout the day. Having someone take up space and buying the odd coffee just isn’t fair to them.

Lunch at Ping's Kitchen - Sheffield

We had a run of going to the Moor Market for lunch. I don’t particularly like the layout or seating in there but the food is fab. I highly recommend Hungry Buddha for delicious Nepalese food and Ping’s Kitchen for Dim Sum.

Pregnancy journey

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test towards the end of the month. I was pleased to get it done and out of the way. It involved having a blood test followed by drinking this thick, glucose drink and then a final blood test 3 hours later. I’ll probably write a full post about my experience before the end of the year.

Spoiler, I didn’t have gestational diabetes.

Mercure Sheffield

Phil and I had a lovely day at the Mercure Spa in Sheffield. We had a treatment each and spent the morning swimming. It was brilliant to spend some quality time together and relax, something we rarely do.

I wrote a full post about our trip.

Starbucks cups to reuse

I’m all about reusable cups these days. As much as I love the red cup season each time it rolls around I knew that this year I wouldn’t be getting involved. Lucky for me, I was able to grab a reusable red cup which I can continue to use over and over again. They’re only £1.25 which is much cheaper than others on the market.

Sheffield Views

A dark cloud trying to take over the lovely blue sky in Sheffield. I love how this same view changes from day to day depedning on the weather.

The most delicious breakfast at Street Food Chef.

They recently launched their new breakfast menu so Phil and I popped over to check it out. They still do their classic breakfast burritos but you’ll also find Huevos Rancheros, Chorizo Hash Chilaquiles and much more. They also do a fab coffee.

I put together a little review here.