Home Interiors For 2019

I always love looking into home interior trends for the year ahead. I don’t tend to follow trends as such but I do like to keep an eye on the new designs that are coming in and going out. It helps to give me a little refresh when it comes to inspiration.

I think it’s all too easy to get stuck in your ways when it comes to interiors and designs for your home. As with all things, it’s good to move out of your comfort zone. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to kick-start a big home project to make a change. Simply changing up the layout of your furniture, introducing new prints or cushions can equally make a big impact.

I’m pretty much a die-hard mid-century modern girl and I don’t think the look will be going anywhere soon. People love the minimalist look. However, I do think that other styles are going to be incorporated alongside it. We were already seeing a splash of Art Deco Revival towards the end of 2018. There’s something about those geometric lines and velvet finishes that just work so well with clean mid-century modern styles. There are also clear trends towards the Memphis Movement of the 80s which Phil is very pleased about.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite trends for the year ahead and will be sharing them here with you today.

Memphis Design

It seems there’s a resurgence for all things 80s at the moment. It’s very much a big inspiration for television shows, cinema and fashion. It’s creeping its way back into home decor. This time it’s being paired with minimalist rooms and incorporated through big, bold prints on the wall or key items of furniture.

You could get involved with the trend by investing in a couple of new Memphis inspired prints or going big and opting for a loud and bright wallpaper.

Don’t forget about colour blocking. Put together a colour palette of your favourite pastel shades and see how you can incorporate them into a room. Don’t forget, you only need to add one new piece to a room and it can instantly give off a whole new feel and look.

So, although P and I are both big fans of the mid-century modern look we’ll be incorporating a little Memphis into our home. Think 80% white and then 20% bright and cheerful.

Staircase Talk

A beautiful staircase is the centrepiece to your home.

As with the previous couple of years we’re only going to see the love for minimalist Scandinavian styles continue to grow. If you’re making any big changes then you’ll want to focus on opening up the the available space in a room. With the right staircase you can really make it feel larger.

Staircase manufacturers like Fontanot are equipped with the latest trends for 2019. They also offer a wide variety of designs as a modular staircase kit. This means they’re much easier and quicker to install, just what we like to hear.

Think light materials such as glass and wood alongside unique handrails. My personal choice would be glass. It’s an excellent way to open up space, let the light through and is also easy to clean.

Art Deco

When it comes to details you need to be looking towards the luxurious themes of Art Deco. This style allows you to keep your love for the minimalist look but incorporate a bit of glam through Art Deco.

Art Deco is playful yet much more sensible in nature than that of the Memphis Movement.

In my new home we’ve gone for a mid-century modern look for our bedroom. I plan to incorporate a bit of glam to the room with an Art Deco dressing table or mirror.

Less is more

I’ve mentioned multiple times throughout this post that the minimalist Scandinavian styles we all know and love are here to stay.

People are focused on having less clutter around their homes (thanks to the queen that is Marie Kondo) and that also reflects into the interior trends for 2019.

Less is certainly more. Pick key pieces and don’t try to have too much furniture squashed into one room.

Bar Carts

I was pleased to see that bar carts won’t be going anywhere. It seems as though we’ll only be seeing more and more of them. I’ve actually just got hold of a beautiful potting table from PIB which I’ll be making into a bar cart.

It’s perfect for when guests come over and as a feature to your lounge. I love displaying all my favourite gins on my bar cart.