The Importance Of Sleep And Tea

Sleep and tea.

Two things that are very important in my life and work together to help me get enough rest and relaxation.

I talk about the importance of sleep a lot here on PGT. I’m all for working hard and to be able to do that you need to be getting enough sleep every evening. If I didn’t get enough sleep then there’s no way I’d be waking up to a productive day.

This week I’ve teamed up with the fab folk at the Rare Tea Co who create beautiful specialist loose leaf tea. I’m going to share some of my favourite teas with you. It’s no secret that I’m a big tea person. After all, it’s where the name of my blog comes from.

Grey Ceramic Tea Gift Set

Throughout my pregnancy journey, I’ve been turning to caffeine-free options, especially of the loose leaf tea variety more and more. I just can’t handle as much caffeine as I used to. Plus, I’m always thinking about what’s best for the baby.

There are a few varieties of caffeine-free teas: herbal, fruit and decaffeinated teas. Decaffeinated teas are teas which are treated with various methods of decaffeination. The other two methods are not strictly true teas because they’re made from herbs and have nothing that comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant from which all teas derive.

I like to have these herbal teas and while it’s true they’re not strictly tea, I still see it as having a cup of tea. It involves the same tea-making ritual, if not more so. It also helps to put me in a relaxed and calm mood, especially before bed – the key to a night of good sleep.

I’ve never come across a tea I dislike. However, as with all things, I do have my favourites, especially when it comes to particular times of the day. I try to focus on caffeine-free tea options from the late afternoon these days, which is quite something for someone who always loved a coffee before bed.

Today I want to share some of my favourite teas which aid with feeling calm, relaxed and encouraging sleep in the evening. A cup of tea and a good vlog on YouTube are the perfect way to end the day. I’ve also included a few other things I do in the evening to help with my sleep.

Wild Red Bush Rooibos Tea

I’ve been drinking rooibos tea for years. I first tried it when I was at university and was blown away by the unusual flavour. I’d never tried anything like it.

It’s hard to explain the flavour but let me try. It’s a deep and earthy tea which has an ever so slightly subtle hint of berry. It’s lovely to have before bed but I also like to drink it throughout the day if I have a headache.

Pranamat Eco

So, I haven’t been able to use my Pranamat since I became pregnant but before it was something I’d use every night.

It’s basically a therapeutical massage mat which is covered in spikey little flowers. It’s designed to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. There are many ways to use the mat but I find it really useful to help me de-stress and fall asleep at night. I lay on the mat for about 30 minutes while I listen to an audiobook.

If you’ve never heard of one before then you might enjoy checking out my full review.

English Peppermint Tea

Another all-time favourite tea to have before bed is an English peppermint tea. Grown on the private botanical garden of the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, it’s a classic tea and helps to settle your stomach after dinner and relax you before bed. We get through so much peppermint tea in our house. I once heard that Victoria Beckham drinks it after every meal and I’ve started to do the same. It has a very clean and crisp flavour of mint and is not only ideal for drinking throughout the day but it’s perfect before bed.

Skincare Routine

I never fail to remove my makeup every evening, cleanse my face and apply my favourite skincare products. I think looking after your skin is very important and the only way to get into the swing of caring for it is by forming habits.

When I begin my skincare routine it’s the moment I know the day is done, my work is finished and I can switch into relaxation mode.

Whole Chamomile Flowers

Not only are whole Chamomile flowers beautiful but they also taste delightful compared to the dusty and bitter flavour from ground Chamomile. I like to brew this type of tea in a pretty glass teapot. It’s the best way to truly appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Chamomile flowers have a delicate and light flavour which works well to help you relax before bed.

You’ll be sleeping better at night not only because of the lack of caffeine but also due to the sustainable nature of the tea. Everyone is a winner.

What’re your favourite teas to drink before bed?

Thanks to the Rare Tea Co for collaborating with me on this post.