4 Benefits of Area Rugs – House & Home

I can’t believe we’ve been in our lovely home for a year now. It’s gone by so quickly. I’m not sure if that’s because we’ve both been so busy with work or perhaps that I’ve spent 9 of those months pregnant. Either way, it’s been a fantastic first year.

We still have lots of bits and bobs to do when it comes to decorating but we’re taking our time.

Land of Rugs Colour Block

Today I want to show you a few photos from our cosy corner in the lounge – photos taken on pancake day. We were kindly gifted this Lexus Rug from the folk at Land of Rugs. For now it’s going to be living here but at some point we might swap it into my office. I’ll keep you updated.

What I like most about the rug is that it’s 100% wool and hand tufted. This makes it durable and perfect for withstanding pressure – ideal for a high traffic area in the house.

Land of Rugs Colour Block carpet

This rug feels lovely and soft when you walk on it which really helps to give the room a cosy and warm feel. The colour block style of the carpet works well in the room and comes in a variety of shades. We went with the mix of neutral and grey shades because we knew it would be more versatile.

4 Benefits of Area Rugs

Prettygreentea land of rugs


The carpets in our house aren’t very exciting. Despite the property being built in the last couple of years the carpets are well worn and short pile. This makes them quite uncomfortable to walk on. We hope to switch them out to hardwood flooring later this year.

A soft, squishy rug on top of a carpet or hardwood floor is the perfect way to bring comfort to your feet. There’s nothing quite like your feet sinking into a cosy, deep carpet after a long day of work.

Sound absorption

Without the addition of a rug a room can be quite echoey and cold. However, by simply adding a rug into the room you instantly create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The rug will also help to absorb the noise of people stomping in and out of the room too. This is particularly handy if you’re living in an apartment.


If you have hardwood or tiled floors then a rug is essential. It will bring a softer feeling to the room as well as adding warmth. You could even think about layering rugs. I love how this looks and if you have a big space which needs warming up it could work well.

I think having a rug next in your bedroom is a really luxurious treat. When you first step out of bed on a cold winter morning you’ll be glad of the warmth.

Easy to clean

If you’ve got little ones or perhaps like me, you can be clumsy then having a rug on top of your carpet will really help to keep your mind at ease.

I know I mentioned I don’t particularly like the carpets in our lounge but that doesn’t mean I’d want to spill anything onto them. That would mean having to switch out the whole carpet for the room. If this happens with a rug it’s much easy to get it cleaned and cared for.

You can roll out the Dyson a couple of times a week to keep on top of any dust. You can even go down the old fashioned route and take the rug outside to clean. This is particularly handy if you have allergies or pets who can’t help but shed.

prettygreentea new rug 2019

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ve really enjoyed the addition of a rug in our lounge and can’t wait to add one into our bedroom.