The importance of comfy bras during pregnancy

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We all deserve to wear comfortable bras so it’s important to know your correct size as well as your style preference. The best way to do this is by popping into a high-street store to get measured, instead of trying to guess each time you buy a new bra. Having a bra that fits well and keeps you supported makes such a big difference to how you feel and how your outfits look. If you’ve never been for a bra fitting you’ll be surprised at what a big difference it makes. You’ll probably find that you’re also a totally different size than you realised.

There’s one particular time that a comfy bra is essential and that is during pregnancy, especially when you’re nursing. I gave birth to my first baby just a few days ago so this is a topic I’m particularly interested in at the moment.

Pregnancy is a time where your boobs and diaphragm will be going through so many changes. In a short space of time they’ll change in shape, size and comfort. So, it’s important that you keep up with those changes, look for versatile styles (especially when you’re nursing on the go) and of course, good quality.

A collection of comfy bras is a good base for your maternity wardrobe. I’d say that having a few pairs to alternate between is essential. Don’t forget about knickers too. You don’t want to end up using your pre-pregnancy knickers which will probably dig into your hips. You’ll find much more comfort from a larger pair that also help to support your bump. Finally, don’t forget about a good pair of maternity tights. These will support your bump and be much more enjoyable to wear throughout the day.

Once you have your maternity and nursing basics sorted you can then think about the rest of your wardrobe. For maternity I opted for dresses with room for my bump. I found I felt most comfortable in dresses (here are some of my favourites) and with just a couple of accessories and a good pair of shoes I was quickly dresses and good to go for the day. Many of the dresses and outfits you buy during your maternity will be handy for breastfeeding too.

When your beautiful bundle of joy has been born you’ll need to focus your outfits around nursing (unless you’re bottle feeding). Look for lots of button down tops and dresses to make feeding on the go easier.

The wrong size, shape or style of bra can really change the look of your outfit and more importantly, your comfort. So, having a selection of bras to switch between depending on your outfit choice is really important. It’s also a good idea to avoid wired bras (which could cause poor milk flow and blocked ducts) and instead opt for comfortable seamless bras.

I think we can all agree that a comfortable and supportive bra is important throughout pregnancy, nursing and of course, life.

I think that with a good bra comes comfort and confidence. Two things that we all need to be able to win at everyday life.