20 Cute Graphic Tees For Summer + Shopbop Discount

It’s the Shopbop Event Of The Season sale. That means you can stock up on spring and summer essentials with the help of a pretty good discount.

As always, the more you spend, the bigger the discount. This time they’re offering 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500.

Just use this promotion code at the checkout: EVENT19

You can find all the sale details and exclusions over on their site.

Today I’m going to share 20 graphic tees you can pick up in the sale. They’re perfect for spring and summer and are a simple way to spice up a pair of simple jeans or a skirt.

Paul Smith
Spaghetti T-shirt

I have 2 real favourites out of these 20 t-shirts. One is this delightfully unusual spaghetti tee by Paul Smith and the other is the South Parade Aperol Spritz tee (see below).

South Parade
Aperol Spritz Tee

Unfortunate Portrait
Taste the Waynebow Tee

I feel like this summer is going to be all about rainbows. I already have these cutie canvas trainers by Madewell but I’m up for incorporating more rainbows into my life. Why not?

Unfortunate Portrait is an LA based brand which is totally knew to me. There’s very little info about them on their personal website but they do have a fab Instagram. I really like their unusual designs and have picked out a few of their t-shirts for this round-up.

Chinti and Parker
Rainbow Dreamer Tee

Here’s one more rainbow number. It has a big beautiful embroidered rainbow on the front. I really like t-shirts with embroidered graphics. These types of tops tend to continue looking good over the years but printed t-shirts can often fade.

Unfortunate Portrait
Fashion Circus Tee

Here we have another fun top from Unfortunate Potrait. I like the longer cut of these t-shirts over the cropped styles that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

South Parade
Ciao Bella Tee

South Parade are probably my favourite brand for graphic t-shirts. I think there are a fair few from the brand in this round-up.

South Parade
Pomodoro Tee

Another fantastic design from South Parade. This one really makes me smile because it makes me think of the pomodoro technique – something I use most days.

Victoria Victoria Beckham
Smile T-shir

A simple but classic design. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Victoria.

Unfortunate Portrait
Plants Armstrong T-Shirt

I told you there were a few Unfortunate Portrait designs in today’s post. I never used to like graphic t-shirts. I thought I’d get bored of them quickly. However, something has changed and I’m really into them over the last too years. I pick them carefully but I’ve found it really fun to have a few statement t-shirts in my collection.

Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch
Lazy Day Tee

This is a t-shirt I can see my sister wearing. It’s really chic and combines words and illustrations. It’s by one of my favourite brands, Scotch & Soda.

Wild Child Ex-Boyfriend T-Shirt

I feel like everyone needs a t-shirt like this. Something long and baggy that you can throw on with jeans and a leather jacket.

Graphic Surf Tee

Levi’s have been launching lots of fun new designs over the last couple of years. I’m always keeping an eye on what they’re doing.

Rag & Bone/JEAN
State Of Mind Tee

This is very Rag & Bone. It’s a simple but cute design.

MKT Studio
Mickey Mouse T-Shir

If you’re going to wear a Disney top then this is the way to do it without falling down a trap of twee designs.

Spiritual Gangster
Answer Crew Tee

Spiritual Gangster have some really fab t-shirts. For each item they sell they donate a meal to a person in need through their partnership with Feeding America.

Banner Day
1969 Hearts Tee

A super cute t-shirt for festival season. I’m not actually going to any festivals this year although I’m looking forward to doing Latitude next year with my little boy.

Banner Day
Tiger Tee

I like that this is a simple grey t-shirt with a splash of orange from a strong yet subtle design.

Banner Day
Bon Voyage Tee

This is a classic design. It’s not particularly unique, I’ve seen lots of similar ones around. However, it is embroidered which puts it ahead of other brands.

Love Moschino Floral Tee

Moschino always go a little extra, don’t they? I still think this is a fun and cheerful t-shirt, if a little loud. It has a very child-like feel to it but would really work well with a super simple outfit.

Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch
Short Sleeve Tee

I know I said there were just 2 favourites from today’s round-up of t-shirts. Well, I totally forgot about this one. So, there are 3 firm favourites for me.