Easy Home Decor Ideas for A New Home

Today Monika is here to share her top home decor ideas. Although we’ve been in our new home over a year I still feel like it’s all very new to us. We’re constantly working on new house projects and putting our stamp on each room. I hope you enjoy today’s post.

When you buy a new home, the first thing you want to do is re-decorate. Right? After all, you want to put your own creative stamp on it. 

But, decorating your new home isn’t always a simple undertaking. Renovation projects can be are costly, inconvenient and massively time-consuming.  

Sure, the amount of work needed will in part depend on the condition and age of the place. 

For instance, a new build apartment might only need your personal touch to make it feel like home. In contrast, if you’ve been sold a tenanted property, the scale of redecoration will be higher (and therefore probably more expensive too). 

But, don’t be put off. There are lots of tricks and tips to help you re-decorate new home decor with minimal fuss and effort. 

How to decorate your new home with minimal effort 

Now you’ve got the keys to your new home, it’s time to make it feel like your own.  But if you don’t have the time or the budget to undertake a full-scale renovation project. Don’t worry. 

If you want to give your new property a stylish makeover, here are some easy decor tips to help you make it feel like it’s yours. 

Make the entrance welcoming 

Easily overlooked—your entrance is one of the most important spaces in your house. According to ancient Chinese belief of Feng Shui in order to have good energy you must create welcoming entrance so it can absorb all the positive vibes.

Start with your front door, it should be solid and sturdy and makes you feel safe. Add a warm entrance hall rug and make any mirrors aren’t facing the front door, to stop positive energies escaping. 

Use a neutral palette 

A fresh lick paint can totally transform a room. Take some time to assess the space—which rooms let the best light in, what colour combinations will complement your furniture.

As a rule of thumb, stick to neutral shades. You can easily paint over these later. Things like natural and earth tones like stone whites, mossy greens or pearl grey. Or if you trying to brighten up a darker room, go for softer colours like blush pink or straw yellow that will better reflect any natural light. 


Installing the right type of lighting means you can control the ambience in your home. But lighting is also very much about your personal preference and how your home looks. And will vary from room to room. But, getting wrong can completely kill the atmosphere. There are roughly three types of lighting. These are:

  1. Ambient Lighting (also known as general lighting). For example, ceiling downlights, pendant light fitting. 
  2. Task lighting—practical lighting for workspace but and poorly lit areas. For example, under cabinet lights, guidance lights and table lamps.
  3. Accent lighting—perfect if you want to create some drama. For example, coloured LED lights in the shower, mirror lights and garden up-lighters. 


Mirrors are generally inexpensive. Apart from having a functional role, they are are a great way to enhance the natural light and make your home feel more spacious.  So, have fun with them. 

Best places to hang mirrors include the entrance hall, living room, bedroom closet, in cramped spaces, garage door and even the garden. 

Find your style

Latest design trends love mixing up different styles. From patterns and textures, traditional and modern, expensive and inexpensive. For example, mid-century furniture alongside geometric patterns and copper or brass materials. Or, minimal art deco alongside upcycled furniture and eco-materials like bamboo or clay. 

Go Green 

Plants are an economical way to accessorize your home. Not only do they add colour and texture, but they’re clean the air and balance humidity. And if that’s not enough, research has found that plants can help you de-stress too. 

Photo gallery 

If you have an empty non-space, use it to hang a photo gallery. Mix and match frames and photo sizes. It’s a great way to bring warmth and happiness into your home. You can hang up family photos – old and new, the kid’s artwork or your own artwork. 

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