My First Mother’s Day – March 2019

First Mothers day

My little boy was just two weeks old when Mother’s Day rolled around. I’d been out of hospital (my birth story) over a week and was very much in the middle of that delightful newborn bubble.

I was happy, content and investing my time and energy into learning how to feed my tiny little baby.


Suddenly it was Mother’s Day. My family don’t live close by but luckily my mum and sister were visiting us that weekend. I had to take things slow and life with X was still very new but we had such a nice time together. My mum does so much for my sister and I so it was lovely to spend time together on such a special day.

Phil arrived home that evening and handed me a card from X. It was then that it finally hit me.

I’m a mum.

A mum to a beautiful little boy.

I have a son.

Flowers for Mother's Day

That evening I took a step back from everything and realised what a miracle our bodies truly are. It had all been go since the moment X was born. I had a tiring few days in hospital, I didn’t even bother trying to sleep after the first night and when we finally got home it was all about learning to feed.

I felt so lucky to have my nearest and dearest around me as well as a tiny new addition to our family. It’s funny, but even at that point it felt like X had always been a part of my life.

Mother's Day Flowers

The team at Marks & Spencer in Sheffield sent the beautiful tulips in the photos to me – thank you. They arrived a few days before Mother’s Day and stayed fresh for almost 2 weeks. It was such a lovely treat and they really brightened up the kitchen.

My very first Mother’s Day was the best.