3 Places To Visit In Spain

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always thinking about my next holiday., even if it’s just a daydream.

Now that we have a baby I’m starting to look and plan for holidays with fresh eyes. Back in October we went to Southwold, one of my favourite places here in the UK and somewhere that holds a lot of happy memories for our family.

I want our next trip to have a little more sunshine. Actually, I really NEED some warm weather. Here in Sheffield the sky is grey and it’s very cold. As much as I enjoy the autumn and winter months I really feel like I could do with a good sunshine boost, the sooner the better.

I have a few friends who often go away for some winter sunshine and you know what? It sounds like a damn fine idea to me.

Spain is one of those places that has year-round sunshine. It’s also really easy to get to with most destinations falling between 2-4 hours flight time. Spain has good food, rich culture and lovely weather. It might not reach the soaring temperatures of long-haul destinations but it’s much nicer than here.

unsplash-logoBlair Vermette

Tossa De Mar

Tossa De Mar is a lovely coastal village on the Costa Brava. It has cute cobbled streets in the Old Town, beautiful beaches and a rich history with a stunning castle. It’s the perfect family destination as there’s something for everyone.

When I get ’round to visiting I’d like to take a boat tour out to the caves, a walk up to the castle and a wine tasting tour wouldn’t go a miss.

If you’re travelling as a family or with a big group of friends then a stunning Tossa de Mar villa will be perfect for your group. There are so many to pick from and who doesn’t love having their own private pool?


Figueres a charming place and perfect for a day trip from Barcelona. It is the birthplace of Salvador Dalí and home to Dalí’s Theatre-Museum.

Dalí’s Theatre-Museum is quite something (just look at it), it’s the largest surrealistic “object” in the world and I hope I get to visit soon. From the photos alone it is truly stunning and as if the building wasn’t enough, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of Dali’s work at the museum.

La Rambla sounds like the perfect spot to sit outside cafes and people-watch but don’t forget to look up and enjoy the architecture.


I think everyone I know has been to Girona or at the very least, passed through the airport.

Girona may be a small city but it’s full of ancient history, museums and good food. It’s one of those places you can just stroll around and stumble into cute coffee shops, admire the architecture and pop into a couple of museums. These are the days I enjoy most on holiday, relaxed but with lots to see and explore.

You could easily visit for the day from Barcelona by train or spend a weekend exploring everything the city has to offer.

Where would you like to visit in Spain?