My 2020 Monthly Challenges

Last week I took some time to look back at my 2019 monthly challenges. To be totally honest with you, I wrote most of that post over Christmas but didn’t manage to finish and upload it ’til the end of January. I really enjoyed looking back at 2019, it was a special year for me, one of the best yet. It was a busy year with the arrival of my baby but I managed to complete a bunch of challenges and I’m so pleased and proud of myself.

Manchester - Coffee

This week I want to share my 12 challenges for 2020. I’ve been meaning to share this post for ages, over a month now but you know, baby life

Anyway, I’m here today to finally share my challenges for the year ahead. I like sharing these types of posts because they hold me accountable throughout the year.

Have you set yourself any challenges or goals? Let me know in the comment section below.

This year my challenges are all focused around the theme of health and wellbeing. In general, I’d like to loose 2 stone, improve my sleep routine, get my skin and hair back to a place I’m happy with. Basically, I want to improve my overall health, fitness and wellbeing. So, I’ve set myself 12 challenges to start working towards those things.

Here are my 12 health and fitness challenges for 2020.

January – Close all rings on iWatch

February – Intermittent fasting and no sweet treats

March – Cut down on caffeine, drink more water and revise skincare routine

April – Introduce 10 minutes of daily meditation using Headspace and take a closer look at haircare products

May – Daily yoga

June – Get more sleep and improve morning and night time routines

July – Walk 10,000 steps each day

August – Eat plant-based

September – Overview fitness levels compared to January and set a suitable goal for the month

October – 30 minutes workout everyday

November – Set aside 20 minutes to read a book each day

December – Avoid sweet treats ’til the Christmas break begins