13 Relaxing YouTube Videos

I hope you’re all doing okay and staying safe in these uncertain and strange times we’re currently living in.

As I type this we’re beginning another week of lockdown here in the UK. It’s a soft lockdown really, simply work from home, if you can and only pop out for essentials or your daily exercise.

I don’t know about you but I’ve finally stopped obsessively scrolling madly on Twitter and reading every little bit of news I can find about COVID-19. I still check in each day but I’m now making sure I step away from the news and focus on my family, work and cooking. I’m also taking some time to read or watch something in the evening and this is what has inspired today’s post.

Once again I’m keeping things short and sweet here. My mind is FULL of blog post ideas, it always is but by the time I get to my laptop it’s often nearly my bedtime.

Today I’m sharing 13 relaxing YouTube videos. Well, they’re videos which I find relaxing, they help me to cut off from the news and give my busy mind a rest. Perhaps I should have titled this post 13 videos I watch when I want to take my mind off things.

The videos and channels are all quite different. Hopefully there will be at ease one you enjoy.

Almazan Kitchen – Cooking in the wild.

Li ziqi – Food, nature and Chinese culture.

Wintergatan – A musical marble machine.

You Suck At Cooking – something to make you laugh.

My Self Reliance – Shawn builds a log cabin in Canada. There’s lots of snowy shots, his dog, hard work and a little chat at the end of each video.

HANSE – Calming cookery videos

Peaceful Cuisine – Another relaxing cookery channel but with music.

Bright Sun Films – An interesting channel all about abandoned places and bankrupt companies.

Adventure Archives – Beautiful videos on camping, hiking, and bushcraft through the backcountry.

Defunctland – I’m really into YouTube channels about abandoned theme parks. This one goes into the history of extinct theme parks and more.

308 – Super chill and relaxing vlogs.

Primitive Technology – Building in the wild.

This is Dan Bell – Tours of shopping malls in the mid-atlantic region and beyond. Many are abandoned and some have just a couple of shops open.