Another quick post from me today.

I spend a lot of time in Cambridge. My parents and sister live there and they’re currently looking for local independent businesses that deliver. So, after I shared my post about Sheffield independent business you can order from I thought it was only fair that I did the same for Cambridge.

I’ve done a little research to find out which shops and farms are delivering food and coffee in and around Cambridge. I actually found it much more difficult than Sheffield. If you know of any more places please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

I’ll pop back and add more to this post later.

Independent business in Cambridge


The Essential Soaps

Beautiful handmade soaps and more. Free local delivery within 5 miles of Cambridge on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Coffee & Tea

Bould Brothers

Order a bag of beans from Bould Brothers here.

Hot Numbers

Pop over to the Hot Numbers website for a bag of beans.


Stir Cambridge

Stir Cambridge are delivering bread, eggs, coffee, flour and more over on their site.

Radmore Farm shop

They sell meat, fruit, dairy, veg and much more over on their shop.

They deliver 2 days a week and you can also order and collect from the shop.

Fruit & Veg

Cambridge Fruit Co

Neil from Cambridge fruit co has switched delivering fruit and veg boxes for the community. Catch him Twitter for more info.

G and M’s Fruit and Veg

G and M’s Fruit and Veg on Cambridge market are taking orders for delivery – head over to their Facebook page for full details.

Cheese, OliveOil and more

Il Molino UK

Il Molino UK are another biz from Cambridge market. They stock award winning Organic Extra Virgin Oil and produce from the hills of Montefiascone, Italy.

Drop them an email [email protected] and they can send through a list of products and prices. You can find them on Twitter too.

Roberto’s Deli

You can find Roberto’s Deli open opposite M&S onCambridge market (except on Friday). They sell pasta, lasagna pasta sheets, International cheese, wide range of marinated Sicilian olives, fresh pesto, Italian roasted ham with herbs and also cured meat.

They are offering home delivery all you need todo is drop them an email [email protected] or give them a call – 07465989810. Catch them on Twitter.

Cards & Gifts

Cambridge Contemporary Crafts

Order cards, gifts and more from their online shop.