Independent businesses in Sheffield you can order from right now

Phil and I have been putting together a list of independent businesses in Sheffield which are doing delivery and/or collection during COVID19. We’ve mostly been sharing on Twitter and Instagram (in my first Stories highlight) but thought it would be good to share here too.

I also saw that Eat Like a Girl has shared a brilliant list of independent food producers and shops in the UK delivering food. So if you’d like to find somewhere alongside these Sheffield focused businesses then check out her list too.

If you run an indie biz in Sheffield and would like to be added to this list please send me a message on Twitter or Instagram (@prettyreentea) and I’ll add you on.

I’m just going to throw this list together as quickly as I can. I will add to it throughout the day with extra info when I can but it’s just a quick and straight to the point list for now.

Edit – I have lots more places to add in the next hour so please check back.

Here we go.

Independent business in Sheffield


Forge Bakehouse

You can put an order in for bread 3 days in advance through their online store and collect at the shop.

You can also pop by and check out their bread and delicious cakes ‘til at least Wednesday this week when they will assess the situation.

The Depot Bakery

Download Citygrab where you can order their bread, cakes, pastries, milk as well as sandwiches and more.

You can also order through their website where they seem to have a wider selection.

Tea, Coffee Beans & More

Tamper Coffee

You can order food, coffee, beans, Our Cow Molly milk and more through CityGrab.

You can also order through the Tamper website for click and collect.

Birdhouse Tea Cafe

Follow Birdhouse on Instagram where they’re selling their freshly baked cakes, food and veg boxes to collect. You simply order with them and do a drive-by to collect (they’re bring your order out to your car).

They’re also selling Happy Mail on their site which is such a cute idea.

Jameson’s Tearooms

Sandwiches, afternoon tea and more can be found on Citygrab.

Toys, clothes, books and more

Small Stuff

You can order fun and educational toys through Hellen’s online shop and there is FREE SHIPPING right now.

La Biblioteka

Order books and magazines from the comfort of your home. You can order through their site for delivery by Royal Mail and they also do free delivery by bike although this has changed days due to the current situation.

They’ll soon be adding zero waste products to their site.

Check out their Instagram for more info.

Trapeze Kids

Order cute books, clothes and toys through the website and there is FREE SHIPPING.


You can still hobby electronics from good old Pimoroni.


Locksley Gin

Order a bottle of gin online and get a free glass or buy a gin experience for later in the year.

Spirit Store by Avant Garde Drinks

Use Citygrab to order wines, beers, liqueurs and more.

They also have a click and collect service.

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