13 things I want to do with my toddler throughout autumn

My toddler is on the move all the time and I’m always looking for new activities to keep him busy.

He’s a curious little boy and loves to be outdoors as much as possible. Rain or shine, he’s happiest stomping around in his bright yellow wellington boots. Who can blame him? We all need as much fresh air as possible these days.

So, a lot of the autumnal activities in my list are focused around being outdoors or at least having an outdoorsy element to them. Don’t forget that a lot of arranged activities have to be booked in advance at the moment.

I’d love to know what you’re doing with your toddlers this autumn.

13 things I want to do with my toddler throughout autumn

Visit a pumpkin patch – We have booked tickets to go to Undley Farm.

Carve and/or paint pumpkins

Read autumn-themed books and find leaves and pumpkins to illustrate the stories

Wrap up warm and go outside to look at the stars on a clear night

Plant spring seeds

Make pumpkin bread and pancakes

Collect conkers and paint them

Stomp through the leaves on nature walks

Collect leaves to paint at home

Visit a farm

Take a walk on the beach

Bake cinnamon cookies

Visit a Maize Maze