The Ueshima Coffee Company – UK launch – Review

It’s been ages since I shared a review with you and I can’t think of a better way to dive back in than with Japanese coffee brand, Ueshima. They’ve just arrived in the UK and its been a pleasure to try out their different blends.

I don’t know about you, but coffee plays an important part in my morning ritual. If I’m awake before my toddler I’ll take a little time to grind the coffee beans and prepare my breakfast. However, on a busy morning you’re more likely to find me popping a pod in my Nespresso machine or spooning out ground coffee. There is no right way to enjoy coffee, each way is wonderful and unique to our own lifestyles.

Earlier on today my dad picked up my toddler (thank goodness for the child support bubble) and took him to the park. This meant I had a little time on my laptop to start writing about my new found love of Ueshima Coffee Company.

As soon as they left the first thing I did was put the kettle on, picked out the Ueshima Tokyo Roast coffee beans and ground them in my beautiful coffee grinder. Some might prefer to use an electric grinder but honestly, this is all part of my relaxing coffee ritual and I savour the time and chance when I get to do it. I warmed a little oat milk and poured it into my cup and I was then ready to start typing.

So, let me tell you about Japan’s No.1 coffee.

Ueshima Coffee Company

A couple of weeks ago a box filled with Usehima Coffee Company blends arrived at my door. This is Japan’s No.1 coffee and after trying them all out I can totally see why.

Inside the box I found a sample of each of the full range: coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso compatible aluminium pods and coffee bags.

There are also 3 blends to pick from; House Blend, Tokyo Mountain and Tokyo Roast. Each of the blends are smooth yet rich and not at all bitter. They all have varying strengths and flavours but if you scroll down I’ve shared an individual review for each one.

The full range is Rainforest Alliance certified and uses 100% recyclable packaging suitable for local waste streams and TerraCycle.

Usehima is a family owned company that hails from Kobe since 1933. The branding is elegant and truly embodies their long Japanese heritage.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the blends.

Coffee Beans – Tokyo Roast

When you open the bag of beans you’re hit with the most wonderful smell. It’s a rich scent but with a distinctive hint of sweetness which translates through to the taste.

The coffee has a lovely smooth and creamy taste and I could easily keep drinking cup after cup of this. It’s very moreish.

It’s strength 3 and although I’d normally opt for something stronger this coffee has totally captured my heart. It’s a smooth yet flavourful coffee and I can’t wait to order another bag.

Ground Coffee – House Blend

I powered through this coffee during our house move because I didn’t have access to our coffee grinder.

This coffee is very easy to drink, honestly the whole Ueshima brand is and I have no hesitation in saying that it’s my new favourite and I’m looking forward to putting in an order to stock up.

To me, this blend is similar to Tokyo Roast, it has sweet notes but is a little richer and more complex. The tasting notes allude to caramel, granola and dark chocolate and it comes in at strength 4.

It’s lower in acidity than many other coffees we normally drink which makes it much easier to enjoy black. I always know I’m onto a good coffee when I can drink it black.

Coffee Bags – House Blend

Have you tried coffee bags before? At first they seem like such a strange idea but once you’ve tried them they’re ingenious. I think they’re particularly handy for keeping in your handbag for work, travelling and for those who don’t drink coffee as often but want to have a good blend to hand.

The bags are individually packed which ensures ultimate freshness. I actually find coffee bags to be really handy when I need to nip out of the house real quick but still want a coffee-to-go.

These coffee bags were the same House Blend as the ground coffee so my thoughts on the flavour are similar to the one above. As I mentioned, it’s lower in acidity which I find makes it easy to drink black and I particularly enjoy the sweet notes which also leand themselves well to being mixed with oat milk.

Coffee Pods – Fuji Mountain

I love trying Nespresso compatible pods, especially when they’re aluminium capsules – perfect for recycling.

The Fuji Mountain blend is strength 5, much stronger than the others. It has a distinct and beautiful flavour and the notes of roasted nuts and brown sugar are easy to detect.

This was my mum’s favourite from the selection. She loves a strong non-bitter coffee and I’ve already promised to order more for her when we make our next order.

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