The importance of eco friendly flossing

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Over the last year I’ve been adding lots of new habits to my daily routine. I’m working on improving my mental wellbeing, physical health, dental hygiene and day-to-day home and life organisation. These may sound like simple things but as I’m someone who gets distracted very easily and struggles to focus on one thing at a time I often become overwhelmed with keeping on top of everything. I have to work particularly hard at my daily routine to ensure I stay focused.

So, by implementing a new habit into my daily stack (habit stacking has truly changed my life) every couple of weeks I’ve managed to build upon my daily routines and make positive changes. For example, I’m now consistently taking vitamin D and iron supplements each morning, I floss every evening and I go to bed leaving the kitchen ready for breakfast the following morning.

With a little help from DenTek’s new eco friendly launches, I want to talk about the importance of dental hygiene while making choices that are good for the planet.

Start your flossing routine today

Here are a couple of facts on the importance of flossing daily according to Mihir Shah, principal dentist at a clinic in Battersea.

  1. 77% of tooth decay starts between the teeth – those who don’t floss are at a higher risk of tooth decay or even irreversible gum disease.
  2. Using only a toothbrush cleans just 60% of the tooth – to hit the other 40% that the toothbrush can’t reach, oral hygiene products such as floss picks and interdental brushes are essential.  

Dental Hygiene

I’ve always brushed my teeth twice a day, cleaned my tongue and been aware of the importance of caring for my teeth. One thing I’ve only recently got into a consistent habit of doing is flossing, I never really appreciated just how important it is. It’s something I’ve gone in and out of phases with but at last it’s part of my daily routine.

I don’t know about you, but I find the traditional rolled dental floss hard to use. It could be because I have an oddly small mouth or perhaps I just haven’t found the right kind. I personally have much more success with floss picks. I’ve been using DenTek Floss Picks for quite some time now and although I find them much easier to use, especially to get to my back teeth I’ve always been aware of the plastic waste they create.

So, as an already loyal customer of DenTek I was very happy when they got in contact to tell me about their new eco friendly range and send out samples.

Eco Friendly

DenTek are on a mission, starting now, to source the most sustainable materials possible to create their oral hygiene products and transform their entire offering to free from single-use plastic.

I love a brand that not only has a strong mission statement but who is actively making the changes they talk about and launching eco friendly products. Oh, their packaging is also now available in plastic free 100% recyclable FSC Certified cardboard.

DenTek sent out samples of their new products which I’ve been using over the last couple of weeks. I can confidently tell you that I’ll be repurchasing each of the products and will simply switch from my usual DenTek floss picks to the eco friendly ones. They’re the same quality, just kinder for the planet.

DenTek Eco Friendly range

DenTek Eco Triple Clean Floss Picks

Let’s start with the new eco friendly version of the product I was already using.

So, this is based on their popular Triple Clean Floss Pick which still holds all the same benefits but also comes with great environmental credentials. I find these very easy to use, especially when it comes to flossing right at the back. They remove plaque and food particles and there’s also a tongue cleaner on the side. They have a mint flavour to them and are gentle yet strong and effective. I tend to floss at night but I do keep a couple in my handbag just in case I need to freshen up during the day.

The handle is made from renewable plant based bio resin. This is produced from a raw material derived from sugar cane plants. reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% in comparison to conventional plastic.

DenTek Cross Flosser

DenTek Eco Cross Flosser

I’ve never seen DenTek’s Cross Flosser before but after just one use I knew I’d be buying them again. I found that these did a really good job of cleaning my back teeth, especially the ones at the top which I always find hard to get to. The minty floss was very strong and the cross shape reached more surface area around my teeth.

DenTek Eco Cross Flosser has been clinically proven to get rid of 80% more plaque from between teeth than leading rolled floss. The handle is made from bio-based plastic which is produced using a renewable raw material made from sugar cane plants. It uses up to 80% less carbon emissions than traditional plastic.

DenTek eco friendly range

DenTek Earth Friendly Sustainable Birch Wood Interdental Brushes

The Sustainable Birch Wood Interdental Brushes comes in 4 sizes. I was sent the starter pack which contains mixed sizes of brush and a plant-based sugar cane resin cap to keep brush clean between uses. I’d never used these before as I find the floss picks ideal for my need but it’s been good to give these a try and there have been some hard to reach areas which I’ve managed to use them on.

DenTek say this is their most eco-friendly product ever. These are reusable interdental brushes with handles made from recyclable, sustainable birch wood.

These interdental brushes are thin with soft bristles and are used to remove food and plaque. These are meant to be particularly useful if you have braces, implants, bridges or crowns.

These new launches from Dentek give us, the customers, the opportunity to make choices that are both good for our oral hygiene and for the planet.