6 Home Upgrades That Add Value


We’re settling in well to our new home in Cambridge. We’ve been here since spring but it really doesn’t feel like that long. When we first got the keys to the house we had to replace all the carpets, paint everywhere and have some essential updates made to the electrics. We knew we’d have some changes to make when we put our offer in but we didn’t realise we’d have to do all of these things before moving in.

Thanks to all involved we managed to get the jobs done in just two weeks. We then moved in, unpacked pretty quickly and started work on the office. This didn’t leave much room for figuring out decor plans. There are quite a few interior changes and additions we’d like to make over the next year or so but we also have a list of larger projects we’d like to make our way through.

We have lots of dream changes we’d like to make to the house and are forever filling our Pinterest boards with ideas. For now, we’ve narrowed down the list to the 6 home upgrades we know will ultimately add value to the house in the long run as well as making it more functional for our day to day living. I think 6 is still a pretty big number but we’re rolling with it and even if we don’t manage to tick all 6 off our list before we move again it won’t be an issue.

These are pretty big projects and we’ll be saving up before working on each one.

6 Home Upgrades That Add Value

Kitchen floor

We’re really looking forward to changing out the kitchen flooring to tiles. We’re keen to go for something modern and cheerful but practical and easy to clean. That’s the main issue with our current wood flooring. On a good day it looks fantastic but on a day to day basis it stains very easily, isn’t easy to clean and never looks its best. It needs a lot of TLC. So, stylish new tiles will suit our needs as well as benefiting the next homeowners.

Actually, while I remember, we also need to tile the splash-back in the kitchen. That’s a smaller project that we can hopefully start soon.

New front door

This wasn’t something we’d originally thought we’d need to do but it quickly become apparent that it’s going to have to be quite high up on our list. We’re thinking of going for a composite door in a pastel shade. I like them because they look cute and modern but are still durable and rather importantly, secure.

Over on the Three Counties site they have a front door designer so you can have a play around and design your dream front door.


We both LOVE sash windows especially when they’re a combination of traditional styling mixed with modern. They can totally change the look and style of your house.

If your house already has sash windows but they’re a little old and in need of repair then getting them fixed or replaced will add value to your home. It’s also one of those important jobs to get done when you can to ensure your home is secure and energy efficient.


A lot of our neighbours have a conservatory and of the ones we’ve seen it’s really added a lot of character to the home. We’re actually in two minds about this as we really do like our garden so we aren’t in a rush to take up any outdoor space. However, we know it would be beneficial for adding extra space to the house. I’d personally prefer orangeries, like the one in the photo.


We’re keen to totally have a new upstairs bathroom. The one we have is fine but it’s a little dated and has had its day. This will be a big project that we’ll probably do next year. I’m thinking of getting rid of the bath, adding a big walk-in shower and going with hotel vibes when it comes to colours, tiles and mirrors.


I imagine we’re not alone in wanting to ensure our homes are ready to keep us warm this winter. This is quite high up on our list to get sorted. We already know that we need to insulate our loft (there really wasn’t much up there) but it’s looking like the walls will need to be done too, especially in our bedrooms. Anything to make our home more energy efficient this year and save money in the long-run.