Wednesday 10-11-21 – A walk into town

So, we started the day off slow again but then suddenly realised the time and rushed into town. It wasn’t ’til we’d parked the car that I realised I’d left my camera on the kitchen table. Ooops. So, instead of just waiting ’til we got home to start snapping I went ahead and used my phone. I know the goal was to be using my big camera but the other part of the goal was to document my days and I did just that.

10:11:21 - cambridge

When we made it into town we went headed straight to Clark’s for a shoe fitting for X. The sales assistant was fantastic. She took her time measuring his feet then suggested a few styles of trainers that would be best. We decided to grab a pair and try them on again at home. X normally wears Vans (I find them good for wide feet) but I thought we’d go for something a little more substantial for the winter months.

the locker cambridge

We then made our way over to The Locker. I wrote about this place a while back in my list of excellent places to grab a damn fine coffee in Cambridge. It was pretty busy so we ordered our drinks and took a table outside. It was a little chilly but luckily not raining. I find if I do take X out for coffee or lunch it has to be outside but even then we don’t stay for long. He would just much rather be running around in the park.

shades of yellow - prettygreentea

I always dress X is bright colours, especially when it comes to sweatshirts and coats. It’s much easier to keep track of him when he’s playing in the park or walking in a busy crowd.

babyccinos - cambridge Coffee and chats cambridge

We ordered a coffee, babyccino and a cake. Then Rob from Active Childhood UK joined us for a catch up before having a walk around town.

cambridge dinky doors

We strolled around the town looking for the cute little Dinky Doors and drinking Bould Brothers coffee.

cambridge in the rain - November 2021 cambridge bikes - november 2021

It’s a good job Cambridge looks lovely in the rain.

Mutti Polpa

After our trip to town we took the car for an MOT, had our daily browse of the big Tesco and then made out way home to make dinner. I keep saying I’l prepare the evening meal in the morning but I’m yet to get into that routine consistently. Do you use a slow cooker? I’m thinking it could be quite handy for the winter months.

In the night garden - toddler toys

There was an extra little helper in the kitchen. I realised at this point that I’d hardly taken any photos with my camera and really needed to get a few shots in so Iggle Piggle had to do.

Toddler books - 2021

X picked out his books for the evening and he fell asleep pretty quickly after the busy day we’d had. Mr.Men books are a classic in our house and we love Nicola Killen books too – Ollie’s Magic Bunny and Ollie’s Lost Kitten are lovely stories with beautiful illustrations.

evening in the kitchen

Then the house was calm. I cleaned the kitchen, started this post and decided it was time to get into bed.