5 Reasons we relocated to Cambridge

We moved from Norwich to Sheffield in 2014 for P’s work. It was never somewhere that I particularly wanted to live but I thought it might be fun to add another location to my ever-growing list of places I’ve called home. I wasn’t particularly taken with living in Norwich at the time and had just gone freelance with my work so I thought I’d pop along for the ride.

I’m always open to trying new things and I think it’s so important to embrace change. Saying that, I didn’t expect to spend 6 years of my life in Sheffield but that’s what it turned into and do you know what? I met some lovely people during my time there and enjoyed the thriving small business scene.

The biggest reason for our relocation to Cambridge was to be closer to family (on both sides). I could end the post here because really, this was the biggest reason for choosing to move from Sheffield to Cambridge. However, we did consider a couple of other places, one being a very cute coastal town in Suffolk, Southwold. I’ve lived there before and loved it, coastal life is very much my thing. However, it would have set us away from family again, the trip to Sheffield for P’s work would have been more complicated and I was keen to be in a well connected city.

So, let’s get specific and take a look at the other deciding factors in our move to Cambridge.

5 Reasons we relocated to Cambridge

Connection: It’s very easy to get to other cities like Norwich, Milton Keynes and London. Actually, you can get into London in just 50 minutes which I think is brilliant and something that is important to me for both work and leisure. You can also get a direct train to Brighton and it’s only 40 minutes to Stansted Airport.

Education – There are so many excellent schools to pick from in Cambridge be that private or state. There are also a fantastic range of activities, clubs and museums for children to get involved in around the city.

City centre – The city centre of Cambridge is beautiful and full of history. However, most importantly for me, it feels safe. I also like that everything is within walking distance, even the train station is just a 10/15 minute walk from the centre.

Family: As I mentioned before, our number one reason for relocating to Cambridge was to be closer to our families.

Tech hub – Cambridge is one of the top cities for technology and life sciences which is a major interest for both P and I. P’s work is heavily connected with the Cambridge based company, Raspberry Pi.