We have finally relocated to Cambridge

The title says it all but over the last few months we’ve made some big life changes. The main one being that we sold our house in Sheffield, packed up all our stuff and relocated to Cambridge.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and it feels wonderful to have finally made the move.

We were originally due to move into our new house just before Christmas but it got pushed back and then pushed back again. So, we finally got the keys to our new abode at the end of January. Luckily we were able to stay with my parents over Christmas which took away a little of the moving pressures.

Once we had the keys we realised that we’d got lucky with the push backs. It would have been very difficult for our furniture to arrive at the new house and to then make some major changes. We didn’t realise quite how much work we had to do. So, we took advantage of the fact that we didn’t have to move in that very same day and made as many changes as we could in the space of 2 weeks.

My dad and Phil did a lot of work on the house in preparation for the builders, painters and other tradespeople to come in. In just 2 weeks we had the whole house painted, new carpets put in upstairs and new flooring in the lounge. We also had some electric tweaks to bring everything up to date. I’ll probably go into a little more detail about the work we had done in a later post but this is the short version.

We still have some decor bits to do throughout the house but the essentials are done. We’re currently focusing on the final stages of decluttering, implementing storage solutions and now that the charity shops are open we have a huge box of clothes and shoes to drop off.

So, even though things have been a little chaotic over the last few months all the hard work is finally paying off and we’re all so happy to have relocated from Sheffield to Cambridge at long last.