Delicious Dairy-Free/VEGAN cakes from OGGS

A combo of AD/GIFTS products included within this post as well as cakes I’ve purchased myself.

I am a massive fan of OGGS.

Have you heard of them?

They’re a super innovative brand that make delicious vegan cakes, mince pies and of course, aquafaba, the world’s first liquid egg substitute.

Their cakes are free from dairy but do come with a ‘may contain’ warning as they’re made in a factory that handles nuts, sulphites, soya, egg and milk.

You’ll find OGGS on the shelves of shelves of Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and many other shops. I love that you can pop in and grab a box of little cakes or even a big celebration cake to have with a cuppa. Previously I’d end up joining in on the dairy filled cakes that my family were eating and end up with a terrible eczema outbreak later in the day. As much as I love baking at home (did you see my dairy-free Easter rocky road?) it’s good to have the option of a tasty ready-made cake.

Last year I was sent a few boxes of OGGS to try out and share over on IG. I’d planned to write a post about them too but due to selling our house and relocating to a new city with a busy toddler things fell behind a little when it came to PGT. I’m not one to let falling behind stop me and am currently sitting in my new office making my way through a list of exciting posts, starting with this one.

When OGGS kindly sent through a few boxes of cakes it wasn’t the first time I’d tried the brand. I’d previously picked up boxes of their Zesty Lemon Cake from Waitrose and was already a loyal customer. So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try some of their other favours.

OGGS sent over 3 boxes of their cakes: Chocolate Fudge, Victoria Sponge and Zesty Lemon. I’ve since repurchased each of these cakes.

Chocolate Fudge

Although I liked all of the cakes I think that my favourite is currently the Chocolate fudge. I’m just really into chocolate right now.

As with all of the boxes of OGGS cakes as soon as you open up the box and packaging you’re hit with a wonderful smell of cake. It’s this sweet and rich scent that makes you want to immediately take a bite.

The Chocolate Fudge cakes are always super moist, both the sponge and the filling. speaking of which, the filling is super creamy and chocolatey.


OGGS cakes are bomb! They do have a ‘may contain’ warning on as they’re made in a factory that handles nuts, sulphites. soya, egg and milk. ##vegancake

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Victoria Sponge

There’s no denying that the Victoria Sponge is a true classic and I think these really hit the spot when you’re craving a mid-afternoon treat with your cup of tea.

The sponge is moist, despite being thick and the filling is creamy and sweet without being sickly.

Zesty Lemon

Lemon cakes are always a winner in our house. These were Phil’s favourite and we’ve picked up the big cake version a few times since.

Like the other flavours, we always find the sponge to be moist and the filling tastes like a lovely buttercream. These cakes can be a little dense but the moistness outweighs that.

All 3 flavours of the OGGS cakes were very tasty.

I must get around to trying their egg alternative soon!