Googled it! – Things I’ve been Googling Recently

I wanted to jump on here and share a list of things I’ve been Googling recently. If like me, you’re nosy then you’ll love the idea of this post. If not, you might prefer reading about my current favourite skincare brand or you could hop over to my dairy-free blog and check out this delicious Dairy Free Easter Rocky Road.

Over the last week or so I’ve been researching everything from cute shirred dresses for summer, the education system in Finland to the best SPF to apply over make-up and immune boosting foods.

Things I’ve been Googling This Week

The Education System in Finland

I’ve found myself becoming more and more interested in education over the last couple of years. I truly believe that here in the UK we’re well and truly in need of a reform. However, I know that’s easier said that done, but perhaps things will change now that COVID has shaken things up a little.

The education system in Finland is said to be one of the best and I’m keen to know why. I’ve found lots of interesting articles on this topic but it’s still something I’m researching.

Here are a few links of interest:

How does Finland’s top-ranking education system work?

No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system

Daily Face SPF

With the summer months approaching (daisy was hopeful) I’m ready to up my sunscreen game. It’s one of those things I go through phases with but we all know how important it is. I don’t fancy spending loads of money on botox SO I’m finally ready to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day.

I was looking for something quick and easy that I can keep in my handbag and spritz on as and when I remember. I use this SPF 30 Primer from ARK Skincare in my morning routine but I wouldn’t reach for it for a reapplication. I did a little research and have settled on Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist Fast Absorbing Sun Cream Spray SPF50 to keep in my handbag and spritz on over make-up.

Shirred dresses

I’m basically on a mission to collect as many shirred dresses as I can before summer hits. I’m based in the UK so I’ve still got some time to go.

I picked up my first shirred dress in Tesco a month back and OMG I love it. I’ll have to insert a photo later because I can’t find it online.

I’m now trying to switch out all my old skater dresses to styles like this. The cut is perfect for the warmer weather, the style is really flattering and very comfortable.

Foods that boost your immune system

I’m currently sitting in bed typing this post. I’m on day 5 of shingles and the pain isn’t letting up.

Since the day I realised I had shingles I’ve been super keen to boost my immune system. So, I’ve been reading lots of articles and watching lots of YT videos on this very topic.

Here are a few immune boosting foods Phil grabbed for me from Tesco last weekend:

POM Wonderful 100 Pomegranate Juice – I love this stuff. As the name suggests, it’s JUST pomegranate juice and nothing else. I tend to buy it when it’s on offer because it’s quite expensive but OMG it is good.

Pomegranates have a wonderful range of health benefits and perhaps that’s something we should dedicate a whole blog post to. However, I believe one of the biggest benefits of the beautiful pomegranate is that it contains vitamin C which helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

Love Beets No Vinegar Pouch Beetroot – Beetroots are one of those things that I always forget I like. I don’t have much free time to prep them myself at the moment so this Love Beets pouch is perfect.

Beetroot has a high iron content which means they can be really beneficial for fatigue. I had no idea they were a good source of iron before last Saturday so they’ll certainly be a regular purchase now.

Bol Creamy Coconut Sweet Potato & Corn Soup – This soup is delicious. I always buy it when it’s on offer and I don’t have time to make soup from scratch. It also says ‘immune boosting’ on the packaging which is what first caught my eye. Marketing works well on me.

Actimel Dairy Free Almond Mango & Passion Fruit – Now, this is not something I’d normally buy. I honestly don’t know much about these little bottles of live cultures. Anyway, they were dairy free and said to be a good source of vitamin D and B6 (immune system boosting) so I thought I’d give them a try. Shingles is painful and I’ll give anything a try right now. These are tasty and I just knock a little bottle back each morning.

We also stocked up on onion, garlic and ginger which I’ve been eating each day.

I’m about to listen add some photos to this post while I listen to this – Leading Scientist Reveals The Secrets to a Healthy Immune System with Jenna Macciochi

Thanks for reading!