6 Positive lifestyle changes I’ve made over the last 2 weeks

I’ve made some small changes to my daily habits over the last couple of weeks and I thought I’d document them here. I want to ensure I hold myself accountable to continue with these changes but to also improve upon them over the coming summer months.

I’d love to know what positive changes you’ve made towards your daily life recently.

6 Positive lifestyle changes I’ve made over the last 2 weeks

I’m hitting way over 10,000 steps a day and it feels so good. It pushes me to go for an extra walk in the evening if I’m a little behind. I track all of my fitness with my Apple Watch and it’s one of the main things that pushes me. to move more each day.

I’m working out for 30-60 minutes each day and just like hitting over ten thousand steps this too feels really good. I was away on holiday last week and I was doubling my workout and step goals so now that I’m back I’m working extra hard to surpass the minimum goals set on my watch.

I’m taking 10 minutes each day to think and write about what I want from the next 5 years. We recently hit a big goal which was relocating to Cambridge. We both worked very hard towards this and I’m keen to get both my own and our shared goals in line. I feel like I have a very different view of what I’d like to do over the next few years and it’s something that I need to get clear in my own head so that I can start making the steps towards achieving thsoe goals.

I’m wearing bright and cheerful dresses without tights. This is a big thing for me because I always used to wear clear tights in the summer but now I’m not wearing tights at all and if I know I’ll be walking a long distance I’ll wear a pair of my Lululemon Align shorts. I’ve managed to quit wearing tights by firstly changing my mindset but also with a lot of help from using Bio Oil every day to clear my scars from eczema.

I’m more mindful about what I’m eating and in-line with that I’m ensuring I’m in a calorie deficit each day. I use Lose It to track my calories and try my best to have porridge and a cup of black coffee instead of my beloved Marmite on toast and flat white for breakfast.

I’m drinking more water and simply track it by using my big 1L bottle. Using a big bottle or glass to track my water intake has really helped me to ensure I’m drinking more water throughout the day but having ice cold water to hand also helps massively.