My Year in review: 2011

Hello everyone, 2011 was a fantastic year and I enjoyed it very much, I have high hopes for 2012 and am already enjoying the first few days of it. I am full of motivation and inspiration to have another fab year with new experiences, changes and lots of happiness.



I decided to start looking for a flat in Manchester as I was bored of travelling back and forth from Huddersfield. So Gemma and I spent way too much time looking around flats and being on the phone to estate agents. I had lots of time to read on the train while travelling and was reading one book a week. I was starting to spend more time working with the film team at CSV, and had lots of fun taking stills and behind the scenes photographs. I started a few new projects and spent more time with friends from work. 


By Feb I was starting to get sick of flat hunting and spending so much time in coffee shops waiting for call backs from estate agents. I got back into baking again and decided to make the most of it whilst I was living with my parents. I finally watched 500 Days of Summer and started to watch more films on a weekly basis. I became quite busy during Feb and did a few posts to round up my weeks.



I moved to Manchester and spent time with friends and finding new coffee shops. Whilst living in Manchester I made good use of my Leon cookbook, I really recommend it as it is full of easy recipes and is such a beautiful book. I started my love affair with Instagram and it is still going strong now, my username on it is Prettygreentea. I went on many adventures during March, I spent lots of time with my new friends from work and taking long walks around Manchester looking for reflections.



So April 5th is tax day and also my birthday, it is always a lovely month as the sun starts to come out and everything becomes a little warmer. I was really enjoying my time in Manchester although I really wasn’t happy with the flat I was living in. I overcame being less content with my living arrangements and decided to just embrace being in Manchester and made sure I enjoyed every second of it. I booked flights to Cannes with friends from work, I had never been to a film festival so this was a new one for me. I also found out about GoGo Buzz Gum during April, I must by some more when I am in the city next. It is a gum which gives you lots of energy, it was very useful as I was going to the gym most days. 


During May I died my hair red with a little help from Aussie and was very pleased with the results. I went to see one of my favourite bands Glasvegas, it was a birthday gift from my friend D. I made my frist trip to the Cannes film festival, I went with some lovely friends from work who I am really glad to have met during 2011. I had a fantastic time at Cannes and I hope to go again soon, it really opened my mind to film and has helped me to explore some new interests. We went to some fab parties while we were there and you can see the photos of my nights in Cannes here.


I went to Eurocultured for the first time in June, it’s a festival in Manchester which celebrates European culture. I heard a band which were new to my ears  – Balkan Beat Box – they are fantastic live. June was another busy month work wise and also involved many trips back to Huddersfield to start cleaning out my room there. I found some really good websites this month and shared them with you here.


I went to Tatton park with my friend Luca this month, we walked and walked and took many photographs. I think it’s really good to make sure you visit new places as often as you can, Tatton park was somewhere I had wanted to go for quite some time. I shared with you one of my favourite photos from April during July, you can see the photo here. I shared a film review on Prettygreentea this month, it was for The Consequences of Love which is an Italian film. I started to post more about motivation and inspiration on the blog, I think change is a good thing though sometimes it can be scary.


I moved out of my flat in Manchester and headed back to Huddersfield, within a few days I was moving with my family down to a new home in Suffolk. I said goodbye to my red hair during this month as it was fading fast and the roots were starting to come through. I was feeling very content during August, I was living in a new place and feeling very at home.


I started a new blog called Southwold Living  which I will be working on much more this year. I took the Radius toothbrush challenge this month and haven’t stopped using it since, I tell everyone how fab Radius is and got my mum dad and sister one as part of their Christmas gifts. I shared some tips for freshers but any of you who are at university could take a look, I wish I had someone guding me a little while I was at university. I was applying for lots of jobs during September, it was part of my daily routine.


October was all about applying for jobs, going for long walks and enjoying the sunshine. I also started to spend more time learning about new social media and digital marketing techniques. I shared my thoughts on Google+ with you and spent lots of time multitasking. Oh and I also made my first vlog.


November consisted of lots of photography, internships, long walks and ice cream. My family from Iran came to visit and we had a lovely time taking them to areas they hadn’t been in Suffolk. I spent lots of time documenting my walks via Instagram and I am still doing that now, I think it is such a good way to share photos and is fab for inspiration. Towards the end of November I was in Manchester visiting friends before going to Austria and you can read more about that here.


December was another amazing month, I went to Austria with three very good friends of mine and had a fantastic holiday. I had never been to Austria before so it was a new experience for me. I made lots of Gluehwein during December as I really missed having it once we got back from Austria. I wrote a post on how to keep calm when flying before I went to Austria, it went down very well and was one of my most viewed posts during December. I had a lovely Christmas which involved good food, good long walks on the beach and brilliant company. 
I can’t imagine many of you read everything I wrote but I hope you have enjoyed the photographs. I hope you all had a lovely 2011 and are ready and excited to fill 2012 with lots of good memories.