GBK Norwich – Take 2

GBK Norwich


One of my friends wanted to try out the new Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Norwich the other month. They had a special voucher so I decided to go along with them. Although I wasn’t 100% keen on GBK last time, the food had been pretty good and I always enjoy a burger. This visit wasn’t as successful as the last.. it was just ‘ok.’

I’m still not a fan of the layout, it’s really quite dangerous for the staff to be dashing up and down stairs with food and glasses wobbling all over the place. That’s more just the Norwich GBK though, I don’t know about their other branches. Anyway, the main thing is the food, right? Last time I loved the Avocado Burger and would highly recommend it. This time I went for the Habanero Burger, which I was pretty sure I’d like as I enjoy anything with a good spicy kick to it. I asked for my burger to be well done, yea I’m one of those people! Half way though I noticed it really wasn’t well done at all, hardly cooked even, but there was no point in saying anything at this stage.

Overall the burger was ok. I expect that had the burger been cooked I would have enjoyed it much more. I almost forgot to mention that the skinny and sweet potato fries were delicious and I wouldn’t hesitate to order these if I ever go again.

I’m looking forward to T.G.I Fridays opening in Norwich – I just hope it will be as good as their London branch.