Winter face cream – Amie Skin Shield

IMG_9496Amie Skin Shield 

It seems that the sun really is fading and before we know it the cold weather will be here. Those of us with dry skin need to be prepared. I mean it, using a good face cream is essential during the winter months. I have a few creams I always use over winter (more on them later) but I’m always open to trying new ones. It was a few months ago that I was sent this tube of Amie Skin Shield moisturiser. I used it for a good few weeks and loved it so much that I decided to put it to one side for when the cold weather hit.  This face cream has the added bonus of  containing sunscreen (SPF 15), it’s not just during the summer that you need to be careful. I started using this cream again about a week ago as there have been some cold mornings. I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin so I thought it was about time I shared it with you.

This cream is thick, real thick. I think it would be too thick for those of you with oily skin but for those of us with very dry skin it’s a miracle worker. A small amount of this cream goes a long way but you have to be careful as it comes out of the tube pretty fast. It takes a good while to soak into your skin because of how thick and hydrating it is. I promise it’s worth the wait though. I like to apply this cream as soon as I wake up and then get dressed, have breakfast and by the time I’m about to apply my make-up it will be all soaked up. I’ve also been enjoying using it in the evening because it has the whole night to work its magic.

Compared to the other face creams I use during winter this one is a fab price at just £5.95. I’ve quickly become a big fan of Amie over the last few months. Their products seem to do a very good job at looking after my skin and are reasonably priced.

I’m thinking of putting together a post about my must have items for dry skin in the winter. Would any of you be interested in this?