A trip to London through my eyes

Morning! Here is a sneaky peek into my trip to London. I met up with R (who wrote this post) and E. The last time we had all met up was at Winter Wonderland last December. It was really good to finally have a day to catch up, try out a new breakfast place, do lots of walking and cocktail drinking!

Here are some snaps from my day via my phone and Canon 7D.














I also wanted to take this chance to see if you knew that it’s National Eye Health Week till the 22nd September? I didn’t but after a little nudge from Boots I’m now fully aware of it and I thought it was worth sharing with you guys. Boots are offering a half price eye check at the moment – it’s worth taking advantage of this, especially if you’re not in full time education. Oh how I miss free health checks (and Topshop discount) from my student days.

Reading about National Eye Health week has reminded me that I’m meant to be doing eye exercises on a daily basis (I have weak eyes). When did I last do these? A very long time ago. However, I plan to start doing them each morning because it really is important to look after your eyes – it would be awful to get to the point where I can no longer capture beautiful photos on my camera.

I have a review on The Breakfast Club coming soon!