TGI Friday’s Inferno Burger – London


At the start of the summer we went to London and met up with Richard and Emma -I mention more about our trip in this post. After a day of walking we ended up at T.G.I Friday’s and it didn’t disappoint.

We started with a few cocktails (pretty standard) as we waited for a table. The staff in the London branch know what they’re doing when it comes to cocktails, they’ve always made a good Old Fashioned. Whilst I remember, a T.G.I Friday’s has actually opened up in Norwich at the start of this month. I’m hoping it will be as good as the one in London but I’m waiting for a while as I expect all the staff will be going through their cocktail training. I imagine it takes a lot of training and practice to get them perfect.

Once we were seated it didn’t take long for me to decide what I wanted. As always, I went straight for the burgers and then scanned the various ones till I spotted something hot. The burger I went for was the 7oz Inferno which came with buffalo mozzarella (which contains low levels of lactose). The burger was set up to be a spicy little thing. It was packed with chilli mayo, habanero sauce and jalapeños. It had a good kick to it which would satisfy most people but for me it could have done with a few more jalapeños. All the burgers come with fresh, crispy fries which I found really tasty.

This was my second time at the London branch of T.G.I Friday’s. The cocktails were fantastic, the staff were mostly friendly (not as good as the first time) and my burger was delicious. Overall I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to trying the Norwich branch.