Pintail Tin candle – Cinnamon & Orange

IMG_4281Cinnamon & Orange Pintail Tin*

As I mentioned the other day, I’m really into candles at the moment. I’ve realised that they make the room feel fresh and cosy which is the perfect condition for reading in. I mentioned in my Hello 2014 post that one of my goals is to read at least one book each month. I have pretty busy days and evenings, so I’m not left with much time to relax and read. I do, however, spend a lot of time keeping up with industry information with apps such as Prismatic and Zite before bed. I want to phase out using my iPad and phone before I sleep. This makes for a good hour of reading reading, candles and cups of tea before bed.

I always go for a spicy candle, especially in my bedroom. They’re perfect for the winter months and although I’m trying to branch out to new scents, cinnamon will always be a firm favourite.

These Pintail tin candles are handy to keep around the house. I took the cinnamon & orange candle to my parents house over Christmas and it was delightfully easy to transport. Even after a week of burning there is still a lot of wax left. The burn time is said to be 15-30 hours and I can confirm that it’s heading well towards the 30 hour mark.

I also find that these tins make good gifts because they aren’t too heavy, come in a wide variety of scents and tend to be priced at just £3.99. This Cinnamon & Orange tin candle has been been one of my favourites over the last two weeks but I’m keen to try Fig and Wild Pear one next time.

Do you ever use tin candles?