House & Home: Animal themed cushions

Today I want to share some of my favourite animal themed cushions. As some of you may know, I’ll be moving soon. It could be for 3 months or maybe 1 year – it all depends on what happens over the next few months. Either way, I want to make this place as cosy as I can. I’ll be getting rid of a lot of stuff before I move, so I’ll have the chance to go shopping and pick up some new bits.



1 – Wagtail cushion    2 – Elephant cushion    3 – Food cushion    4 – Mr.Fox cusion

I realise that this is a post about animal themed cushions and some of you will argue that I could have picked something a little more appropriate for the number 3. I decided to include the food cushion because it’s very cool and it has a big crab on it, so it’s fitting, kinda. Also, it’s in the sale and I don’t want any of you to miss out on it (£29.25 reduced from £45).

John Lewis is one of my favourite shops to browse. I’ve seen the Mr.Fox cushion around the shop for a good few months. He comes in various colours and would be ideal as a bed topper or against a light coloured armchair. They also have mugs in this range.

The prettiest of the lot has to be the wagtail cushion. I’ve spotted the Birdy range from Magpie in quite a few shops lately. I’m also a big fan of their home-ware selection.

Finally, the bargain of the bunch is the elephant covered cushion. It’s just £9.99 in Dunelm, they really do have some good bits in there.

Sorry it was a quick post today, I hope it gives some of you some inspiration.