Beauty Review: Eco Tools – Fresh & Flawless


A few years back I didn’t use foundation and found little need for a set of make-up brushes. I started using foundation regularly around 2 years ago and quickly realised that applying it with my fingers wasn’t going to get the best results. My first brushes came from Illamsqua. I have the foundation, highlighter and eye shadow brush. I still use them regularly as they are such good quality.

I’d been keen to try out and learn more about make-up brushes for a while. I find it hard to justify paying around twenty quid for one brush at the moment(due to my recent job change). MyPure kindly let me pick a few bits from their website this month and I knew I wanted to try some avocado oil and something from their brush collection. MyPure stock the Eco Tools brushes which I’ve been intrigued about for a while now as I keep spotting them in Boots. After a little browsing I decided to try out the Fresh and Flawless five piece complexion set.

By the way, I’m sorry that I didn’t get chance to wash the brushes before taking photos, just keeping it real! It’s been a busy week and I’m still in the middle of using them. Anyway, I try to wash my brushes every two weeks. I’m sure it’s better to do them more often but I don’t always get chance. How often do you clean your make-up brushes?


The first thing that jumped out to me about these brushes was the beautiful details on the recycled aluminum ferrules. I also thought they would make for the perfect travel kit. I’ve been travelling to London, Sheffield and Cambridge over the last month or so and have many more trips planned (all UK based, nothing too exciting).


The brushes are really soft and don’t give my skin any irritations. The good thing about MyPure is that you know you’re always going to be getting a cruelty free product. If I can, I will opt for an organic and cruelty free product. However, I’ve not got to the stage where it’s always possible but I’d say that it’s my long term plan.


This set is ideal for those who don’t know where to start with brushes (like me). There are 5 brushes in the set and there is a handy explanation of how to use each one inside of the box.

– Use the flat concealer brush to hide those problem areas (if needed).

– The buffing concealer brush will help to create a flawless base for your foundation.

– The precision foundation brush is ideal for swiping foundation over your face and the pointed tip makes it easy to highlight under the eyes and around the contours of your face.

– I’d needed a complexion blending brush for quite some time. You simply use it in a circular motion around the face to provide an airbrushed finish.

– The powder brush always comes in handy to pop a little colour onto the contours of your face.

I’ve been storing the brushes in the casing as it makes it very easy for when I’m travelling. I’ll probably rethink this as times goes on as the box is already getting a little dirty.


Have you used any of the Eco Tools products?

I’m also keen to know if any of you ensure that all products you use are organic and cruelty free, let me know.