Tea Tuesday: FruitBroo Iced Tea – Discount Code

FruitBroo bottles of tea

The last few weeks have been all about iced tea. Summer is finally here and I’m reaching for ice cold drinks instead of flicking the kettle on.

The kind people at FruitBroo sent over a few bottles of their new iced tea range for me to review. Over the winter months I wrote about how much I enjoyed their teas. Since it’s been warmer I’ve only repurchased Lemon & Ginger. I find that the rest are better for the colder months because they are warming and cosy. Thankfully the iced versions are just as good and very simple to make.

FruitBroo iced tea

At the moment I’m trying to drink a lot more water than I normally do. It’s actually going well, for a change. So when the afternoon rolls ’round and I’m sick of drinking water I change things up a bit. I fill a glass with ice, add a drizzle of FruitBroo over the cubes and then top with fizzy water whilst mixing. I find this makes a refreshing change and is the perfect partner to a screen-break during the warmer months. You can use normal water or even tonic, whatever you like.

The iced tea range offers 2 flavours, ‘Elderflower & Lime’ and ‘Peach Pear & Honey’ both are delicious and refreshing. I really enjoy both flavours but tend to go for the Elderflower & Lime more. It’s very easy to control the taste of your drink with these. Sometimes I’ll put just one teaspoon over my ice and other days I’ll put 3 in. It all depends what mood I’m in.

Each bottle is 200ml and makes 4 litres of drink. That’s pretty good and means you can whip up big jugs of the stuff for when you’re relaxing in the garden with friends and family.

FruitBroo bottles

The kind folks at FruitBroo want to offer you a discount code: ICEDHALFPRICE – bob this code in over at the website and you will get 50% off the iced range.

Are you a fan of iced tea?