Beauty: Pulpe De Vie Kiss Me lip balm review


The lovely girls at Pulpe De Vie sent over a tube of the Kiss Me lip balm a few months ago. Ever since I first used it I’ve kept it in my handbag, it’a a very good day to day hydrating tint. I actually see this firstly as a lip gloss but with added moisturising properties. It contains 100% natural ingredients and one of these is beeswax which I always find beneficial in lip products.

Kiss Me has a very thick consistency, you can probably tell from the photo. It’s easy to apply straight from the tube which means that you wont get sticky fingers. I find that after a few minutes the product isn’t too sticky, of course it’s a little sticky because it’s a hydrating gloss but my hair never sticks to it which is good. If you’re drinking then it will be sure to leave a mark on the glass.


This lip balm/gloss has been good to use throughout summer because it looks good alone and leaves an orangey red tint and light sparkle to your lips. It’s not something I would have picked myself but I’ve enjoyed using it. I’ll continue to use it through the colder months because it’s a good moisturiser and very hydrating but I’ll be more likely to wear it over a lipstick for an extra shine.

Would I buy this again? I don’t think I will but mainly because I’m keen to try other products from the Pulpe De Vie range.

Have you tried any products from Pulpe De Vie?